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My accounts are shut down by NSA/Remote Neural Monitoring/ MK Ultra

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I'm gonna dump a lot of information in this post.

^Stasi east german secret police tactics they place on people trying to bring down the New World Order.

I am not a shill. I know everything has been infiltrated by the 'thought police', google, 'internet monopolies', I am trying to reach out to real people out there who aren't NPC's or Gangstalkers or people working for the illuminati. Guess what, the federal reserve enslaved 80% of the US population. These fucks out here are organic portals. Like the people in the Bodysnatchers movie I am reaching out to people who aren't brainwashed or soulless.

^-----genius, persecuted by the hive mind algorithm a.i. "singularity" matrix

^------more true, than people believe. Blue pillers will keep us in the matrix and even kill us to maintain the matrix.

^-----------watch this video, truth music, the video is IN-SHADOW look it up. We are returning to eden, you are all my brothers and sisters.

^---------How they are micromanaging the population to serve their agendas and make us kill each other.

^-----------How the federal reserve (illuminati) enslaved us

^-------MK ULTRA in entertainment, real matrix glitches

^-----demon posession? Reptilian hybrids?

^------Illuminati symbolism in Games, Hidden in Plain Sight

^------information control, the google monopoly

Anyways this will expose the plan for what's happening in the future, researchers and sheeple won't know it until it happens. Research this and I mean (dumbed down half information that we know the NSA watches and has our asses under suppression because "they have more money and technology".) I'm abandoning technology. TVs, smart phones, and social media brainwash us. If you take a week break from TV and Media you open your third eye automatically. If you personally know about me, just remember I am a targeted individual and the DHS spreads disinformation to make the community stalk me. I will prove all of this in due time, but you will not know because I am not disclosing heavy information until it's later in the the game. Guess what, it's the end of days. The illuminati is trying to get humanity to rally against God. Guess what, fuck your transhumanism and technocracy, fuck you sluts who are a part of the matrix, fuck the drugs and the pleasure seekers. God redeems some of us, the rest are going into Hell. Escape the matrix.



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