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There are few 'REAL HUMANS' alive out there

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Basically most humans have been contaminated with Reptilian DNA. The reptilian race are master geneticists and they plan to assimilate themselves within human society to take over and destroy us from within. I will just share a story I had and dismiss it honestly if you must because I was on drugs at the time, but one time I did LSD and I remember clearly seeing yellow slit eyes in people and they were trying to overtake me. (Maybe it was a hallucination) but I've seen it even when I wasn't on drugs too. When David Icke says these forces work outside our limited perception I know it's true, because besides brainwashing and media, normal humans can't see shit, they are literally blinded by the trance of media. I know this site is infiltrated but guess what they are making us go through their channels so they can lead us to slaughter. Look at Invader Zim, "DIB" was right but his whole race was too stupid and ignorant to believe him. They push their greed and blissful ignorance on the majority and the majority are survivalists and opportunists, they either look for what will make them rich or life comfortable. I will tell you this, I sacrificed too much of my life fighting this, socially, financially, physically, spiritually and mentally. I am ready to exit the matrix weither I am dead or alive. The illuminati has made my life a Hell for a long time. I think I am the only loyal human left in society because I can't be bought out, manipulated, brainwashed or controlled. I owe this to society despite the gangstalking and society trying to destroy me, but guess what fuck all those 'good looking pricks', 'those gangsta tough guys' 'military hard dicks' they are all bullies, even the stuck up gorgeous women who reject everyone. The meek shall inherit the earth, I wanna see the days of Noah because I want wickedness and evil wiped off the face of the Earth. I was on instagram and facebook and those 1984 police social media sites kicked me off yet have child porn and human sacrifice in their groups and pages. Hypocrites. All of them if they have pedos serving the NWO they will shun and delete people against it. Guess what males... Abandon female social contracts, don't marry people. If your wife isn't your handler she will try to manipulate you. Women are psychological manipulators. The Feminist agenda is a lie. because Chivalry existed, not the code book, official chivalry but respecting women by gentleman ethics did. Eve will betray us in the end. How many people died for their desires? How many were killed for what they believe? This world is ran by Satan, all these "Humans" around us aren't like us. They either think and feel like machines, or are cold and calculating like reptiles. I survived 30 years so far as a human empath and I'm nothing but a pet, they exploit me, use me, hurt me, torture me, hunt me down, spy on me and even drain all my energy. This world is fucking evil. I pray you good people out there stay in your homes and maybe hopefully all the evil people will kill each other.

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