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The Vatican is gonna doc all kinds of secrets now

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Now that they are getting persecuted, they will reveal the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Book of Enoch. It's not extraterrestrial, it's interdimensional. They are building up to the 'Alien Invasion False Flag' to unite the nations to fight a faux alien race on this planet. That's why they are pushing Ancient Aliens on the history channel and other stuff on the Sci Fi channel. As truthers, I am warning you, UFOs are real but the government and media uses it to discredit truthers. Just cover the the shit the government does. I am creating movies and videos to prove this. I read the bible, the masons are in the red. Gnostism IS really the greatest heresy. The demiurge and matrix is real but YHWH is not the villain. Remember that in the bible it says the 'God of the world' "Satan" is responsible for all our suffering. Satan runs this planet we're on, that's why there's so much death, disease, poverty, etc.

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