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People only care about Money $$$

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I realized about 80% of population is focused on money, (idolizing the fabric debt)

About 80% is blue pilled. Because they equate the red pill to pain and stress.

We are surrounded by materialists, hylics, lower dimensional beings why?

Their purpose is to trap us in the matrix.

The matrix got a new barcode, and it's to ensnare us in 3rd Dimensional Reality.

I read motherfuckers... everyday... I got $30 books on my shelf of stuff that is way beyond our reality.

I am targeted, and they are now trying overt methods to silence and quell me.

I don't care tho. I am gonna give up media to open my third eye and surpass them.

Targeted Individuals join up, and don't include people on drugs or poor.

The homeless and people on drugs are not our allies, they will trade us for drugs or money.

We need to rally up and get away from Babylon. (Let it fall)

If you are an empath like me, you will realize you are surrounded by narcissists and heartless people.

Let them rot. God is gonna destroy all the wickedness in the world.

Do not partake in their sins.

If you are a T.I. don't trust anyone, my family sold me out to psychiatry and I am trying to escape.

I don't trust society either, they're all fake ass actors on the Truman Show.

My life consists of isolation or street theatre when I'm out.

They are trying to socially engineer another mass shooter, but I don't fall prey to their mind control.

We live around some sick fucks.


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