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They brainwash us to accept totalitarian laws. It’s our fault and we let them enslave us with our collective consent

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Foreign customers sit & chit-chat at all the foreign coffee shops in D.C. patronized by Congress + staff.

Le Pain Quotidien 

Panera Bread

Prêt à Manger

Au Bon Pain

Congressmen listen subconsciously to the talk of their foreign “constituents” at the coffee shop. You got a little coffee bread to dip in your coffee or are you too caffeinated to pass laws?

And then you have all the wealthy American ex-patriates in Europe evading taxes.

Noun. panera f (plural paneras) breadbasket. Tomó tres hogazas de pan de la panera. He took three loaves of bread from the breadbasket.

If it weren't an actual word in Spanish, one might think of Finnish verb «panna» with the Swedish verb suffix «-era» — a fucking Swede trying to say “fuck” in Finnish.

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