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Stop trying wake people up and save yourself.

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I will say brothers and sisters I appreciate you trying to wake up a "brainwashed, braindead, socially engineered culture of mind controlled peasants." These sheeple aren't worth a our peace of mind. We are surrounded by them each day and it is to psychologically implant the "benefit of the herd" mentality. Jesus said we should be wise as serpents but as peaceful as doves. We are not the sheepdogs or wolves to direct them. The police and criminals hold those reigns. Most are lost in their illusion on what life should be. Satan is the god of this world and they will do whatever it takes to make money. These are the willing participants of the RFID and mark, and credit cards. Us as truthers, should unite and escape our oppressive culture instead of trying to appease society. We can escape or fight it and I give that option to you free willed "conspiracy theorists" TRUTHERS and people not brainwashed by society. I know all of us are in CHRIST JESUS and not of the beast. We reject the beast system and fight to protect our souls. If we perish we, know we have the kingdom of God in our grasps. It is a honor to serve and be with you all in the end of days. I know we are the angels defending God in the end. I am about to abandon all of this, this materialism, this lust I have for having a soul mate, this pride in who I am, this greed of money and fabricated debt. Everything. I just wanna reach out to you all, push the TARGETED INDIVIDUAL NOW EMPOWERED INDIVIDUAL group in the right direction. Guess what, the NSA is always watching. But we can take down them with their rouge groups based on human trafficking and exploitation. I am going offline. If I go back online it will be in a 'protected' sense. Hackers and the NSA run us like guinea pigs in their tunnels and tubes. I know HARDCORE truthers relay my stuff and move the movements in the underground. I am public enemy number one because I openly challenged the illuminati and government and they are destroying lives to make me quit my mission to free humanity from the federal reserve, I know they killed a lot of people in their wake but guess what.. I am a LIFER. I respect all LIFE, and JESUS made it possible for all life to transcend death. JESUS AND GOD created all life on this planet and it is their purpose to help us evolve as human beings on this planet. I can't have a wife, they will compromise my wife "as a targeted individual", I know everyone who comes in contact with me is targeted or encountered to either turn on me or disappear. Guess what.. This isn't my fault this is the illuminati's fault. If I am righteous and know right from wrong, why are they trying to oppose me? Why are strip clubs, casinos, banks allowed? but I am oppressed? "Satan" and when I mean that I mean also the NSA, DHS, DOJ, MAFIA, DRUG CARTELS, HUMAN TRAFFICKERS, PEDOPHILES, SATANISTS, HOLLYWOOD, D.C., NEW YORK, CNN, COINTEL PRO, STASI NEW AMERICA, GANGS, DRUG DEALERS, COMMUNITY POLICING, HONEY POTS, GANGSTALKERS, etc. ALL these "BULLIES" trying to control and manipulate things in their favor. Fuck all of them. I am aborting society to get away from these sick fucks. Humans are evil. 'THEY WANNA BECOME GODS SO THEY CAN CONTROL THE REST OF US', period. The EYE OF PROVIDENCE ISN'T THE HOLY TRINITY OF GOD OR THE THIRD EYE IT IS THE EYE OF HORUS or "RA" WHICH was ripped out by SET or OSIRIS and, the illuminati says its GOD but it actually EGYPTIAN GODS based on the enslavement of the HEBREW people.

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