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If I die, I want you to carry from the research I left off

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continue to watch Jeremiah Cohen (REAL T.I.)'s videos

MKULTRA is real. They are trying to make it trending 'popular'

Desensitizing the youth to secret societies and freemasons, (sheeple let their children watch this show because they are brainwashed ignorant parents)

Brainwashing happens on all fronts. REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING HAPPENS A LOT.


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I have been watching social engineering of the young for a long time. It is accelerating and can't keep track of it in the US. Children going to school younger and younger. Working parents have no clue what is in the curriculum.


Japan is more up front with their agenda. I have a better grasp of what they are up to than I do at home right now. Their cartoons (animes) bring forward a lot. An example is in order I suppose. Sword Art Online, when you watch them all keep in mind implants and portable devices. Also think about programing the human mind. You will notice that Japan is worried about birth rates and prepping for future war as you watch other animes. They are far more straight forward that anything in the US.


One of the things I want to draw your attention to is red shoes and super heroes. They have always been powerful and untouchable. Do you think that has a message from an agenda? Well now they are going bonkers trying to kill off Superman. Guess it is time for a new agenda?

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