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I am EON

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I am not bullshitting anyone. I don't want followers, money or prestige, all I want is the human race to fight for their humanity, preserve this planet and honor life (ALL LIFE, ANIMAL LIFE, PLANT LIFE, HUMAN LIFE AND PLANET LIFE) I know we are born in this matrix and it is set on destroying us. If someone can get me out of the NSA's range of vision or sight, then I can start doing what I wanna do. I know the government watches me 24/7 and they shut down all attempts I make to break out or set others free. I will say the truth, a lot of this doesn't make sense but I tapped into the spiritual nature of reality the "reality" they derive all their technology from and I learned, I can manifest the spiritual into the physical. I am based on past, present and future, thoughts work along all this. I mastered my thoughts, but I know "THEY" are killing a lot of people. If I die maybe I can reincarnate and fight it again or maybe I can free myself from this HELL HOLE. IDK yet. I talk a lot in the future, people say oh you're making this up, NO, it hasn't come into fruitation and if it has it is hidden because, SATAN the god of this world is deceiving us. Look at apple (the fall of human kind) the class product to have, all desired by all these materialists. That's how the RFID chip will be. All luring people into defiance with GOD. the new currency is gonna be digital and it is gonna be forced on us. The beginning is the end, the new age having us believe we are gods, the apple products (right in our face of the fate we took by consuming the forbidden fruit). Ask yourselves. Is being blackmailed, prosecuted, tortured worth it for God? Because that's where I'm at. I could have been a good puppet but I betrayed that to save my soul. Sex and money means nothing if we're slaves and make God hate us for eternity. NPCs aren't good people they are 'superficially good-looking people' they can look really clean and well-mannered but they are pushing our society towards materialism and death. Fuck this technocracy and plutocracy and rampant Orwellian police state. The rich made our lives miserable from day one and tried to kill our spirit and make God hate us. That's why they want immortality to escape the karma they reaped on this planet. They might kill us all and take off on their space ships to go fuck up another world and bring it down from within. NONE OF ANY OF LIVES HAS DIED IN VAIN, R.I.P. WILLIAM COOPER and COUNTLESS OTHERS WHO DIED FOR THE TRUTH AND A BETTER WORLD.


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14 hours ago, PathofEon said:

I know we are born in this matrix and it is set on destroying us.

Matrix is Latin for womb; specifically, that part of the uterus in which the embyo implants itself.

It is a metaphor, of course, Mafia, Omertà, Respect for Mary the mother of Jesus, and the Roman Catholic empire, the Vatican, Rome, Italy.

For some reason they are so evil that cannot cut the umbilical cord without circumcising the child & subjecting the mother to Caesarean section, oophorectomy, hysterectomy, and all sorts of other unnecessary slaughter, massacre, and butchery.

The old ones spoke of the beast with seven horns which are the seven hills of Rome; and his number is 666.

The matrix of the world is punished for its own iniquity, truly, but this is not sufficient to put an end to the world's institutions of evil in their modern form. We call upon a higher power for that.

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