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Tesla did not speak to people in a cryptic fashion. He wanted to teach the basics of his inventions so people would understand them. I have seen some horrible videos on this subject. I do not judge because at least someone is trying to figure it out. Tesla was teaching harmonics, oscillation, and power transfer. Everything was very simple without censorship. I will give you the 3. Draw an AC wave. Now draw in the sub-harmonic wave and then the harmonic waves. You are looking at the 3. Do your own work for the 6 and 9. I give you the path, walk it. 

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Look it up in any standard electrical engineering textbook.

It takes a lot of math, but most businessmen are not willing to do the math themselves, and they have no patience for those who do the math.

PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS have crippled society with their innumeracy & mathematical illiteracy.

People live in brick houses in an earthquake zone, and there's a blue wall of silence.

You apparently need a gender-appropriate Ivy League education with good standing in the sorority or fraternity, respectively, plus a good appreciation of "Greek Life" on the college campus.

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