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The Group Responsible For All Of Our Troubles

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"The idea of tracing all our troubles back to a single group of people...I just coudn't believe it.   But it pains me to say it.. it was right..  They are everywhere the banks, the media....."



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On 7/5/2019 at 3:02 AM, Trinity said:

They are everywhere the banks, the media....."

Left-wing Jews.

The Jews were never a “pure race” at all as they are sometimes portrayed in the mainstream media.

They originated as slaves on the crossroads of major trade routes among Asia, Africa and Europe.

There was a “diaspora” — the Jews dispersed themselves among the nations, and lots of other people who were not originally Jewish (such as Ashkenazi etc.) came to call themselves Jewish.

The word Gentile (in the sense of non-Jew) refers to the gentry or gentlemen "of the nations" with inferred titles of nobility and supposedly intact foreskins.

That the Jews were "slaves" implies little more than that they were serving the gentiles along the trade routes. Businessmen or shopkeepers in the services sector might be more accurate than servants or slaves.

The word Jew carries a vague insinuation of Middle Eastern (or "Semitic") ancestry but there is really no sharp or cut-and-dried distinction between who is a Jew and who is not a Jew, if there ever was.

 * Michael Bloomberg

 * Tom Steyer

 * George Soros

These are the worst of the worst in big money banking & mainsteam media in America who self-identify as Jews in order to be able to accuse their enemies of anti-Semitism which in reality is such a vague charge as to be meaningless.

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11 hours ago, Trinity said:

Did you watch the video?  She actually was referring to boomers.

The three *I* mentioned (as well as others of their class from the video) may well be of the boomer generation, but the children who are now gaining control of those family fortunes are just as much part of the problem group. So it is not so much of a generational thing as they make it out to be.

Some of videos I can watch, others I can't & sometimes the audio is unavailable and there are no subtitles, ongoing technical problems which are due to proprietary intellectual property video codec issues with the copyright cartel WIPO, DMCA, etc.

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