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Judicial branch insurrection & rebellion against the United States of America

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This judge should be tried and hanged for treason.

So a little liberal judge in California can declare what a national emergency is for the entire United States?

Judge blocks Trump from using billions in military funds for border wall

A federal judge on Friday issued a ruling blocking the Trump administration from tapping billions of dollars in military funds to construct a wall on the United States's southern border.

U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam issued the permanent injunction in a California federal court, after initially ruling last month to temporarily halt the administration's use of military funds for the border wall.

Let me get this straight!

There are over 100 U.S. dictrict courts and any U.S. district judge has absolute veto power over any executive action of the President of the United States, simply by virtue of issuing an arbitrary "injunction" — not even necessarily based on law or constitution — from any particular district whatsoever which is somehow binding on the President and the entire executive branch of government with respect to all districts in the United States.

EAGLE1462010 SAID: 
9th Court is Gerrymandered to liberal ideology......
In the shitty arbitrary legal system you want people would be tried and hanged for all sorts of stuff.

Hundreds of U.S. district judges have been pumping out shitty arbitrary rulings for many, many years under color of law all over the United States without any respect to the Constitution whatsoever.

Yes, court-martial & trial for constructivist activist judges, and we need to be very summary about it, too, because we can't have hundreds of treasonous law school frat boy district judges clogging up the circuit courts and barricading the Supreme Court of the United States with their own "pro se" appeals when they are so deaf to our pleas.

The judicial branch of the government remains in control of Anti-Federalists and Confederates, and in rebellion and insurrection against the United States even to this day, because it was never reformed at the time of the first Civil War.

(Unable to post in that thread due to “technical” issues.)

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