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The NFL is an offensive league

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It is the year 2019 and unbelievably there is no way it's possible to play the Pro Bowl -- where the best players of the league go head to head in a fun end-of-season curtain call -- in franchise style. Staggering. It used to be in nfl 20 coins, and reddit's Boffo97 has a strong theory as to why that's no longer the case:"Throughout the PS2 era, the games had no issue with the helmets. I thought it was because throughout the PS3 and PS4 eras [EA felt] doing the Pro Bowl correctly, with the helmets of their team being worn by every player rather than AFC helmets and NFC, was hopeless.

They ended up only doing it so people would quit bugging them about the helmets." Whatever the reason, the community is right to want it back. "If [EA is] telling the facts on not having enough RAM to load 32 potentially different helmets, why not have a normal AFC and NFC helmet as a compromise rather than not having it at all?" Writes Chief--Blackhawk about precisely the thread. It's a reasonable question...

The NFL is an offensive league, also for the most part that's reflected in Madden through playbooks that provide myriad racing and passing assortment. Yet as the Patriots proved in the play-offs, the adage of defense winning championships has not gone away, and playbooks on this side of the ball ought to be enlarged to reflect that. On the EA forums, MrDollarMenu picks out three particular plays which would reinforce the defensive capabilities of everyone.

There are numerous functions to this. A defense can disguise their Cover 3 with a two-high shell pre snap. Secondly, the safety can provide run support, while the safety can remove the post. Strong-side stretch and deep article are my two main concerns vs Guru formations, and this play would take both, while disguising it as a Cover two pre-snap."

A sister of Cover 3 Cloud, Cover 3 Cyclone will produce the corner on the side of an offensive trips formation play with the hard horizontal, and the remaining secondary could rotate or"roll". The purpose of this play is primarily to take away displays, the fast passing game, and outside runs towards the Trips side of an offense."

"Just like the Cover 2 side of Cover 6 invert, Cover 2 robber would switch the functions of their cornerback and safety to every side buy madden 20 coins. The cornerbacks will take the's along with the safeties would drop down into the zone. The objective of this play is to demonstrate the quarterback maintain a Cover 2 concept. This play would intercept a lot of deep comeback and outs routes, as well as provide nine defensive players in run matches"

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12 hours ago, Gamerzone said:

-- in franchise style. Staggering.


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