Riots & govt crackdown in Hong Kong & Moscow

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The crackdowns look like a victory for conservatives against serious “liberal” organized crime worldwide.

>>> Beijing has also started denouncing the protests as the work of American provocateurs [liberals, socialists]. That’s so the regime can paint its Tiananmen Square-style crackdown as a battle against “foreign influence,” [international labor unions, “spies,” legal justification for the involvement of the Chinese military,] not a smashing [a civilian law enforcement action by the “Chinese Feds” or Communist Party] of Chinese people [Han majority race] who decided all on their own that they’d rather be free [in rebellion or insurrection against China].

The situation is similar to that of the Civil War in the United States, where white supremacy and labor (or slavery) were predominant issues.

>>> The case against Aleksei A. Navalny’s organization, the Anti-Corruption Foundation, [the Russian version of crimestoppers + various private security gangs & protection rackets,] was opened by the Investigative Committee, [FSB, successor to KGB,] Russia’s version of the F.B.I., the state news agency Tass reported. It involved funding for the anticorruption group’s work [Democrats who never cease accusing Republicans of crime] of 1 billion rubles (around $15 million) in “money obtained by criminal means.”

1 hour ago, F-22 said:

The crackdowns look like a victory for conservatives against serious “liberal” organized crime worldwide.

To quote myself here, looks are deceiving, of course, and appearances are never altogether reflective of truth or reality.

Conservatives in name only are not willing to acknowledge the necessity of alms for the poor or even to allow a way for individuals who have been socially ostracized, blackmailed, slandered, libeled and blacklisted to re-enter the world of free economic trade, whether to go in business for profit, to work for wages, or even to purchase food, clothing, shelter, guns and other durable and non-durable goods for their own sustenance.

State monies for the liberal welfare state on the other hand are promptly siphoned off, stolen, and embezzled by a vicious and highly professional MAFIA that provides “mental health” and other expensive but unnecessary “services” for the poor, who can in no wise afford, on their own behalf, such extravagant and shameful waste, at the expense of necessities to their own lives.

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