Nano Particles in Blood Cells

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PFASs, PCBs, Fluorides, medical wastes and hormone disrupters, heavy metals, perchlorate, dioxins, dacthal, farm chemicals, fracking chemicals, methal ether, mining chemicals, plating chemicals, and military waste. There are 160 dangerous chemicals in your water that the EPA guidelines are far to liberal on. The nuclear releases are probably the most detrimental.

Water pollution, tritium, hell even heavy water, fracking chemicals, slurry, endoctrin disrupters, plastic, medical waste, oil byproducts, the lists just go on and on. We have radiation pouring into the Pacific from leaks contamination a Washington state river.

In the air the toxins that are most damaging are found it chemtrails. Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, polymers, Lithium, sulfides, acids, other nano sized particulates, partial cells, Arsenic, chrome, calcium, bryomasses, mycotoxins, and thorium to name a few ingredients. There are also industrial, farming, and military waste burning chemicals added to air pollution to name a few.

Herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizer ingredients, many preservatives, fake foods that are all chemical compounds, fake sugars all names, emzines, growth hormones, BPA, bromanated and hydrogenated oils, mercury, and plastic to name a few. These are found in the food supply. These are very incomplete lists off the top of the head. Spell NAZIs stay away, I'm not looking this stuff up, if I did the lists would get unbearably long.

We have pollutants that don't have a specific category, electro-magnetic and light to name 2.

The place I'm going to is this. All the supplements in the world will not help you. Nano particles clogging the circulatory and respiratory systems and even passing through the cell walls. The neurotoxins affecting your central nervous system, the toxins bound in your fat tissue. Dumping more chemicals into your body is not going to help you. You need a safe environment. They are not living healthier in India because they use an herb. Wake up!

Directly to the government, the document that reveals that you decide who is fit to handle the money. You really know how to pick them, thieves, pedophiles, traffickers, and traitors. Far as Area 51 goes, you are not trust worthy enough to have secrets. Total disclosure now without the lies, not later to gouge the public or murder by withholding  cures. Not keeping us on the meter to economically enslave the masses. All those road taxes and the roads are crap, who's pocket did that end up in. No bid contracts? By the time the grid comes back if it goes down long enough to spoil food the people that are left will want nothing to do with an electric company. Lets see how long they are around without customers. That's a straight up warning to all the other cartels also. The entities you keep are responsible for the poisons in our biosphere. None of the clean acts have been followed. All kinds of tech has been hidden away to keep this fake economy going. An extra 21 trillion missing that is not on the books?

One last big reveal. 2 toxins mixed together can be 1500 times more detrimental than the effects of the strongest toxin in the mix. Endotoxins can do major damage in low parts per billion. So, while you are running around chemically neutering people keep this in mind, the people are watching you. They see the effects of agendas that need criminal prosecution of everyone involved. EPA can't figure out where the toxins came from? What a load of BS.

Dimming the sun. The added chemicals retard the creation of ozone. Have you heard of ozone depletion? Also the lack of sunlight slows the creation of ozone. The surface of aluminum is covered with immediate oxidation. This depletes the available oxygen for the cycle. The lack of ozone then allows harmful radiation to damage us and every living thing. It lowers the amount of oxygen to breath. The toxic chemicals and aerosols and polymer fibers end up in your food, water, and lungs. Being deprived of oxygen for decades the attack is systematic. Even without considering the smart dust. It will take years to recover the natural cycle if they stop now. It is to late for them to save the ice in Antarctica. There worst fears will be realized, people will move in and expose everything. When they start to war against the immigrants the war against them will commence all over the globe. We have no reason to allow them to kill indiscriminately. Those days of lawlessness are over.

The other topic addressed is nano-particles clogging red blood cells so the cannot carry or are restricted in the amount of oxygen they can carry. By reading other topics now you can realize this. In the past articles flat out stated this as fact. They have filled the internet with other articles that respond to search in present time. Here is the present search results.

You get the understanding that red blood cells do carry nano particles. Now the disguise of medical treatment by red cells carrying medicine is on the net. They are hiding health damages and hiding sources of educating material on the subject. Now check out nano particles and white blood cells. The majority of the population has received oxygen deprivation for at least 2 decades.

In short Billy Gates and people like him need lifetime isolation in a criminally insane ward. Read what he is proposing currently and look over his culling the masses statements in the past. Nano-particles that respond to magnetic fields is another important topic to look into. Last but not least is the topic toxic nano-particles, get a total grasp of the situation.

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>>>Each of our eyes has a blind spot, a place on our retinas about the size of a pinhead where there are no rods or cones. Our blind spot is the place where our optic nerves exit the eye and connect to our brains. But we don't usually notice this blind spot.<<<

Interesting article supposedly written by a lawyer rather than a doctor.

Whenever I am daydreaming and staring at a blue sky, I can see the individual red blood cells as they flow through the capillaries of the retina of my eye.

The other day I had some bad coffee & suffered a migraine headache from it. As I was recovering, the vision from my two eyes was not converging well to a single image, and I suddenly noticed very conspicuous blind spots in both of my eyes — by size, shape, and position perfectly normal, but I was startled by the disappearance of objects from my field of view as I moved my eyes.

I've had that before, when coffee is adulterated with methamphetamine.


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Yes let's mention eyes. Have you noticed that some of these new LED lights produce a visible field? I have not noticed this from traffic but, area lighting. If you look at them for a full minute a sparkling mess appears. If it is very humid the energy field is much larger. I saw one cover two parking lots.

I don't know about coffee problems and have to rely on people that drink it. I do know that drugs are contaminating our paper money. The report of opiates can be found easily. If fentanyl that can kill by touch alone builds up on our cash we can wind up with a very big problem.

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