Unlisted Neolithic Circles & Surface Structures Near Nikkaluokta in Sweden

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The ceremonial parts also include Te Deum, a religious service in the Royal Chapel. Due to the pandemic, it is now uncertain whether such a service can be carried out in a traditional manner. When asked by the Swedish press, the Royal Court says that one must look at the situation when it becomes relevant and that the infection situation at the time will determine whether it is possible to carry out the ceremony. The Swedish Royal Court’s information director Margareta Thorgren says: “When it comes to the birth itself, it is the coronavirus that affects many plans. The pandemic makes it a little different this time.”

I don't like this. Swedish history is replete with gentlemen who were endowed by the King with their proper titles of nobility, but stripped of their nobility at birth and never introduced in the house of knights according to Swedish custom. The "Planned Parenthood" aspect of this pregnancy is especially vulgar for the nobility.

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