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Martin Timothy

YouTube Removes 100,000 Videos, 17,000 Channels & 500 Million Comments

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That [allegedly] violate its hate speech rules in April through June 2019, five times more than it removed in the previous three months, critics said the company is not being stringent enough.


A report by the Anti Defamation League found at least 29 YouTube channels espousing AntiSemitic and white supremacist content, some of which have since been taken down. Many of these channels still remain, such as those of the white supremacist Richard Spencer and former KKK leader David Duke.

Large File.

We say Richard Spencer and David Duke are Zionist sponsored controlled oppositionists, else they would expose Jewish culpability for the 911 attacks, and be onboard with the push to expose the presence of the Martin Luther Kings man & wife and Andy Warhol with shooters on the Grassy Knoll in Dallas TX., at the Nov. 22, 1963 murder of President John Kennedy.

A Cruise Missile Slammed Into The Pentagon on 911.

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The is censorship plain and simple.  I would say stop using YouTube - but this is hard as they have been allowed to become the de facto website for video.

If nothing else, hurt them by always using a ad blocker on their site.  There is an extension called "Ad Block for YouTube"  which I recommend.

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