George Soros is Behind Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

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Everyone knows Weather Warfare incorporating HAARP, Chemtrails and VLF/ELF Radio Transmitters are at the heart of the abnormal weather, freak earthquakes and unseasonal droughts world wide.

Ionospheric Heaters - How HAARP WorksYouTube - This video confirms the SBX systems which are with Chemtrails an integral part of the HAARP Weather Warfare Program, as the progenitor of the audio frequency radio waves in the ELF Band that are driving ppl to distraction world wide .. scroll to 14 minutes 30 sec.

Extreme Cold in USA, Melting Arctic MethaneYouTube - US Navy SBX type ionospheric heaters are responsible for the stationary Pacific high pressure ridge, which interrupt the flow of the Jet Stream, as well they break apart low pressure cells which would otherwise bring rain to California.

HAARP & Weather ControlYouTube - ULF Super Transmitters in Alaska & World Wide Working in Unison, make droughts by heating part of the ionosphere 90 miles up forcing it into space - Successive layers of moisture laden air which would otherwise bring rain fill the void, and are in turn pulsed into space.

The problem is the entire Global Warming hoax is only part of a massive program of deception that includes NASA remaining mum about life on Mars, and of massive political contrivance that includes Jewish culpability for the 911 attacks.


Students around the world are expected to skip school in order to demonstrate against climate change, taking their cue from Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg whose weekly "school strike for climate" has won a global following.


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First off children have not the education to lead the parents. Second the pole shift will have made it easy for the government to arrange the new data on global temperatures by picking the probes that fit their agenda. So, they can put their report in the ass bin where it belongs. I suppose they wasted millions on it and the buying of main stream medias collective entourage, silence is golden for the 1%.

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Yes they admit publicly both Soros and Gates fund Chemtrails. Just wish we knew how many HAARP like devices they have now. It's not hard to imagine many other countries have developed programs. Remember the videos that showed energy broadcasts from Antarctica? I can't prove it but, Katrina was likely a ship to shore weapons test. Hurricanes do not sit still. Their weather front is so large and the pressure differences so great they take a path of least resistance. There is always a path of least resistance. Now we have had a second hurricane that sat still. How many of these are they going to fly over peoples heads before people awaken?

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Forgot to add location info on photos. I often keep the GPS turned off on my phone to save battery and for more privacy.

Google Plus code 9VR9+C8

11.3 mile, Tok Cutoff, Gakona, AK 99586

Latitude 62.3903565°N, Equator

Longitude 145.1275180°W, Greenwich Meridian

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Further intelligence on HAARP

Most of the employees who work at the above-mentioned HAARP facility live in the extremely close-knit "community" of Tok. They commute to work from 127.5 miles away by car on the "Tok Cutoff" Highway.

Guns are 100% legal in Tok, because if you aren't a TS/SCI-cleared government employee, you probably don't live there.

Other residents of Tok are Homeland Security employees who commute to patrol the official U.S. border crossing with Canada 90 miles away.

Canada maintains a nebulous demilitarized zone all the way to Tok, hence the name "Cutoff" for the Highway from Glenallen to Tok; that road is the presumed cutoff of U.S. jurisdiction, well within U.S. territory in the State of Alaska.

Yet other residents of Tok commute to work at the federal courthouse in Fairbanks, where they maintain a Canada-friendly jurisdiction on U.S. soil.

It is doubtful that any residents of Glennallen (a much shorter distance away) work at the facility, because people there are out on the farm where they don't have any truck with all that government bullshit.

These are the RINOs, Republicans In Name Only, guns are banned except for government employees only. These fuckers were raised "in the district," registered like sex offenders, and they're running for political office to serve the people "of the district."

Tok, Alaska is a 100% pro-Soros death camp if you're not a government employee, and don't forget Tim Steyer and Michael Bloomberg. Not my family.

>>> A registered Republican, Cronk was raised in the district in the small town of Northway,

>>> Latest Comments

>>> JEFF GAVAZZA / APRIL 9, 2020

>>> The people of District 6 will be well-represented by Mike Cronk.

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