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I'm a happy go luck that doesn't think. Do you believe that? :

8K movies coming, will that effect the speed of their real time editing of videos.

AI for the common citizens, setting up our own think tanks, the collective IQ of those, the government fear of us having this tech. How long have they been using computer networked AI for design and development?

Alien mummy with 3 eggs inside, 22 foot giant in Peruvian museum.

Is Alzheimer's disease cause by the Mandela Effect?

Denver craft caught on camera moving to fast to be seen by eye, News tried to disprove and found proof of its existence.

Antarctica spaceport.

Super conducting oxides.

Ultra-violet ionized pathways.

Collection of DNA of giants and aliens. Whisked the giant from Afghanistan and for sure recovered small blond from the moon. What ever they are doing is not for the benefit of the human species.

Previous space wars and the 40,000 year old UFO.

Hutchison Effect observed and hijacked by Los Alamos and transmutation of materials.

Regeneration breakthroughs and growing transplantable organs.

Time dilation of subjects.

Dark matter exciter signals for antennas (collector arrays).

Brain drain into space, we weren't supposed to notice.

New materials constructed under extreme pressure.

Hot scandals = illegal activities.

Hidden tech, Tesla is not alone Gabriel Kron and others have developments hidden with no expiration date.

New world Solunar maps of the worlds oceans are worthless.

Pot for study, will anyone believe their report?

New species - Mandela Effect.

Lie by omission of previous civilizations, AI and storage still in existence.

4th and 5th dimensional math and the current physics the government is using.

See, I'm not thinking about anything.



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