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The plan to control the roads.

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Most people who travel long distances use the interstates. So they don't realize alternate routes are being shut down or allowed to decay. This is illegal. One of the laws is Title 23 section 109m United States Code. The Secretary shall not approve any project or take any regulatory action under this title that will result in the severance of an existing major route or have significant adverse impact on the safety for nonmotorized transportation traffic and light motorcycles, unless such project or regulatory action provides for a reasonable alternate route or such a route exists. I attempted to cross Arizona along interstate 10 with out actually using interstate 10 and was unable to do so. It looks like the roads go through but they are blocked with cyclone fences. These fences were put in place by the Department of Homeland Security to force all traffic through their interstate checkpoints. Cyclist have won the right to use the interstate but pedestrians are still banned. Homeland Security does not have the authority to violate federal law. One other place I was unable to get through is Cumberland Gap National Park. A tunnel has been built under the park and the original road has been destroyed. I read the act of congress that authorized this. It ordered the park director to provide adequate roads for traffic. Under federal law traffic includes non motorized traffic and motorized farm equipment which is prohibited in the tunnel. I have found such problems in every state I have visited. I think what Homeland Security is doing on interstate 10 will eventually be done all over the United States.

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On 9/19/2019 at 4:41 AM, bicyclehazard said:

These fences were put in place by the Department of Homeland Security to force all traffic through their interstate checkpoints.

They did that to me. Forced me off the road "just like everyone else" at a hastily installed checkpoint in Texas somewhere. Drug dog wagged his tail at me and I was free to go. What a bunch of poseurs!

I don't like the food and drink they serve along the interstates, either. It's adulterated with drugs and alcohol, and then it's a small-town cop or hick-town sheriff's deputy who pulls you over for DUI, because town hall bargained for enforcement privileges on the interstates in Roosevelt's WWII-era "New Deal" government contracting spree that built the interstates in the first place. But the foreign restaurateurs who settled on the interstates never stop dealing that shite in the food and water along the road, and crooked drugger-cops never prosecute the locals who serve doped food to motorists near major highways.

There's a communist-collective labor-union local behind all those town hall drug-and-bust scams on the road. The whole "thing" with the drug-and-alcohol establishments along the roadways enjoys huge unquenchable Democratic Party support throughout the United States. Body shops, insurance companies, and local hospitals all 100% in on La Cosa Nostra. Route 66 nostalgia, the working girls, truck-stop rapists, and serial killers, all part of the lore the Democrats yearn for.

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Did Sex Traffickers in Florida Trick Motorists By Lying in the Road?

Yet another sex trafficking scare was promoted on social media in late 2019.

>>> In late 2019, a pattern of incidents existed whereby motorists were tricked into stopping their cars by a person lying in the road, as part of a prevalent sex-trafficking tactic in Tampa, Florida.

Well, they rate it false because we all know there ain't no streetwalkers lying down on the roadside in Tampa, Florida.

I guess the traffickers are driving right on by and the truckers are picking up the hookers.

This is the true meaning of "debunking": there's a whore and the cops are coming to kick some dude right out of bed in the middle of the night.

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