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Martin Timothy

The Viking Route From Greenland Into North America - The Little Ice Age

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Temperature Fluctuations in Greenland and the Arctic.

The current theory is that when the Norse settlements in Greenland which endured for around 500 yrs roughly centered on the year 1250, were abandoned due to the encroachment of colder weather.

Large File.

Instead of returning to Norway the Greenland Vikings went west across Davis Strait between Greenland and Baffin Island, then into Hudson Strait and North America thru Hudson Bay and James Bay, where after navigating upriver and reasonably easy portages they arrived at the Great Lakes which gave them access into Minnesota and the Heartland.

Thorvald Eiriksson - Þorvaldr Eiríksson.

Various scenarios have been forwarded as to what became of them .. the eastern settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland which had existed concurrent with the Greenland colonies, collapsed around the year 1003 after Thorvald Erikson the son of Erik the Red and brother of Leif Erikson, murdered eight Skrælings in a berserker style drunken rage which turned the indigenous population against them.

The Saga of Thorvald Eriksson.

Thorvald Erikson was killed when the native tribes counter attacked, the western settlement in Minnesota had allegedly aroused the ire of the local tribes for felling timber .. others say they were wiped out in the wake of European expansion.

IEC Rasmussen - Sommernat under den Grønlandske Kyst circa Aar 1000.


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