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Martin Timothy

Ronald Lee Haskell Sentenced to Death for Murder in Texas

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Ronald Lee Haskell Sentenced to Death for Murder in Texas - Despite the demeanor of the chief prosecution witness, how was he able to hold five children and two adults at gunpoint and "tie them up?"

Texas Teen Who Witnessed Murder of Her Family Speaks at Memorial.


The body language of the single survivor of a family of seven in the days following the alleged slaughter, in no way says she had witnessed the killing of both parents and four siblings while the two finger spread she gave is usually associated with Satanism.

The Hoax .. Fifteen year old Cassidy Stay told investigators a man disguised as a Fed-Ex delivery man with a beard as part of his disguise, came to her front door and knocked, he said he wanted to talk with her parents she told him they were not there.

He left and soon returned, her parents had gone to the bank Cassidy was babysitting, after Cassidy talked to him for the second time he explained that he was related to her she tried to keep him out of the house but he broke the door in.

He then pulled a semi automatic weapon from his waistband and ordered her to get her siblings, they waited for their parents to return he tied up all of the children before the parents returned .. once Katy and Stephen Stay returned they too were ordered to the floor and were also tied up.

Ronald Haskell the disguised Fed-Ex man asked each person in the family where his ex wife was located, they both had lived in southern California until they got divorced on Valentine’s Day, after their divorce his ex-wife came to live with her sister in Texas, and was no longer living there at this time.

Cassidy told investigators her mother looked at Haskell and screamed “no” she was shot first, then Haskell went down the line shooting everyone twice .. Katie Stay 33, her husband Stephen Stay 39 and four of their children – Rebecca 6, Emily 9, Bryan 13 and Zachary Stay 4 were all murdered in cold blood.

But Cassidy survived .. she suffered a skull fracture and lost a finger when she held her hand up to the back of her head during the shooting, investigators say her hand deflected the bullet just enough to change its trajectory and saved not only her life, but the lives of her grandparents and Haskell’s ex-wife and children.

What??? We had testimony that Ronald Haskell had each child and the two parents tied up and lying face down on the floor. Now where were their arms tied? On their back side or on the back of their head? How could you tie the hands to the back of the head?

If her hands were tied on her back and she was lying face down, how could she get her hand up to the back of her head to deflect the bullet? And if she was able to do this wouldn’t the shooter notice .. she testified that he shot each person twice!

“I can tell you she was bloody when she came out, it was obvious she had been shot in the head Constable Herman said “I was amazed she was talking," not only was she talking, she was giving investigators vital information and made sure they were listening to her.

“She was very persistent on getting the info out” said Herman, “she said it was her uncle and gave us his name she said he was going to her grandparents house on Anvil to kill them and the rest of his family, she was on a mission she wanted to get this info out and she averted another tragedy.”

Herman says deputies arrived on Anvil just in time about three minutes later, they spotted suspected shooter Ronald Haskell pull onto the street, he then led police on a very slow chase and Herman say he too was persistent.

The Cassidy Stay Houston Shooting Hoax Gun Control Money Scam Exposed, her newest fake shooting is with crisis actor David Hogg in Parkland Coward County Florida, she now goes by the name Delaney Tarr. Link Unproven Ed.


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