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LGBT propaganda and Democrat lies

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The whole LGBT "thing" pushed and promoted by Democrats appears little more than an alternative or "voluntary" sex offender registry under a suitably placed rainbow flag.

Democrats have kids and they cut hair, don't forget.

Democrats are cops; whenever they talk about "rights," they are pressing criminal charges against us and reading us our rights they way they want us to submit to them.

There's a "district" of overwhelming police presence in town. NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) // NHIWTRMK (Not How I Want To Raise My Kids) ...

There is no aid or comfort from the political left for those of us who are constantly subjected to such slander and libel, false criminal and mental health charges and so on and so forth.

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Yet more locker room jock stupidity from the liberal left.

"Gender fluid" is a cutesy term for the dude's semen. He's surfing porn, raping girls, having sex, whatever. The "gender fluid" is only his "wet dream," nothing to do with his own gender identity, which is unquestionably and strongly male, as the movie actor and the role he played in Star Wars.

"Coming out?" Such a vague term can only describe the guy's dick "coming out" of his pants. God hates fags and the guy is only after pussy. I don't see anything else to that.

Hating on the transgender, starting a locker room lynch mob, as usual. Such professionals employ female spotters to file frivolous sex and trespass charges with corrupt police and compromised court systems against the transgender and other targeted individuals whom they harass and persecute day and night.

The lies and the double-speak from the mainstream media, the crooked cops and crooked doctors, locker room jocks and bullies are not helping with our health and beauty at all.

This stuff is unbelievably sick and atrociously ugly: the innocent ones with deformed and/or mutilated sex organs are persecuted while forcible prostitution and criminal sex traffic continues unabated. We have no hope of obtaining much needed bona fide health care in this life; as all such care is in subjection to the vicious pimps and whoremongers who exercise totalitarian control over law and medicine throughout the world, regardless of nation-state boundaries.

If the boy has a house and home, and parent(s) or guardian(s) who provide for basic needs, bring him to school and are not abusing, violating, or molesting him at home, he indeed has every reason to be thankful.

Too many children are cared for by man-hating single mothers on public assistance, who resent having children and never wanted them in the first place.

You never know, if a man or his friend is "gay" and taking care of children, one or both of them might start meeting women.

The desire to have children is innate, and closely related to the desire for an opposite-sex spouse for most people.

I think in reality it is very common and not even questioned for lesbian women to adopt or take care of children.

The real root of this problem is vicious landlords and realitors who enforce sex segregation and facilitate sex traffic in apartments, townhouses, and residential subdivisions.

They strictly separate the men from the women in such a district and enforce a system of men with the men and women with the women, so that they then can charge money or impose other "consequences" or conditions for any kind of social contact between men and women.

They call it "gay real estate."

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Of course the alternative to "gender fluid" proposed by those porn-surfing faggots is "gender binary."

Gender binary? There are only 2 genders, right? No.

Gender is from French "genre", a type of something, a stereotype, general as opposed to specific, genus rather than species.

But in the locker room vernacular of the liberal left,

  • Gender = sex
  • Binary = 1's and 0's -- it's on the cumputer

The "gender binary" are surfing porn until they ejaculate "gender fluid." No more, no less.

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