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House of Horrors

Organized criminal police misconduct aggravated by rampant medical malpractice

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Father of Atatiana Jefferson,Who Was Fatally Shot by Texas Officer, Dies

>>> The father of Atatiana Jefferson, the black woman who was shot and killed by a white Fort Worth police officer responding to an open door call, died on Saturday, a family spokesman said. // Ms. Jefferson’s father, Marquis Jefferson, died around 6 p.m. at the Methodist Charlton Medical Center in Dallas, where he had been since Friday night after having heart complications and cardiac arrest, the spokesman, Bruce Carter, said on Sunday. // Mr. Jefferson had been struggling with the death of his only child, Mr. Carter said. // “I can only sum it up as a broken heart,” he said. “He had to go through so much just to get through the services as a father, and continually doing good to make sure that who he was in their relationship was something he could honor.” // Ms. Jefferson was fatally shot through her bedroom window on Oct. 12 by a police officer after her neighbor, who had noticed the doors were open, called a nonemergency police line and asked officers to check on the house.

That "nonemergency police line" is troublesome from the point of view of resistance to the present wartime enemy occupation of America: it is a type of functioning street code or mafia slang for murder or murder-for-hire among "made men" (or "made women") "in the know" who have earned the privilege of calling the cops and having their enemies criminalized and murdered or else adjudicated a mental defectives and shut up in institutions. "He's dead, it's too late, we need a hearse, not an ambulance."

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Dentist in Alaska allegedly rode hoverboard while extracting patient's tooth

"What you did was outrageous, narcissistic and crazy," the patient said to the dentist ...

Infamous Satanic Panic Psychiatrist Accused of Malpractice Again

6 of 13 fig6.png?resize=580:*  


"Patients think large payouts will improve outcomes for others." –Internist

"Patients don't want to accept that bad things can happen without someone to blame." –Anesthesiologist

"Poor relationships between the patient and the 'target' of their anger, and disappointment in outcomes." –Urologist

"Lack of communication; the patient feels betrayed by the surgeon." –Orthopedic surgeon

"There is literally no other way for patients injured in any fashion to be compensated for their additional costs, pain, and suffering." –Internist

"Because they can." –Emergency medicine physician

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Due to the high-risk nature of their work, ob/gyns and specialized surgeons have correspondingly larger premiums.

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Overall, about half (51%) of physicians feel that their annual malpractice premiums are reasonable for their specialty. One quarter think they are not reasonable, and a similar amount are unsure. Among specialists, psychiatrists, oncologists, and anesthesiologists were most likely to say that the premiums are reasonable. Ob/Gyn and women's health physicians, general surgeons, and neurologists were least likely.

'Jail is not where they need to be': Battle Creek police work to de-escalate conflicts with mentally ill

It has never been clearer to us who have been stigmatized, ostracized, banlisted and blacklisted as mental defectives and social undesirables. America's town hall cops are druggers. If the cops do not want us in jail, they want us dead. They drug us and gas us in our homes, fabricate "crises" and steer us toward involuntary 911 "services" after we have been shut out of employment and housing markets. Many of them are high on drugs on duty. Cops drive drunk all the time; they wrecks they cause are always the other driver's fault. The bosses don't care. They steal our cars, take over our bank accounts, rob us of all our cash and valuables, and railroad us into labor and death camps where they murder us en masse with total impunity.

Why it’s so hard to force people to get mental-health treatment in Pennsylvania

It's not hard at all. Some shrink or psychiatrist's opinion. Guns are banned for life. That's all it takes. No recourse. No appeal.

Mental health tele-supervision platform secures $2.2M seed funding round

Supervised release and lifelong probation for those of us who have been adjudicated as mental defectives and deemed social undesirables.

I swear, before God Almighty, I'm a certified bona fide cop killler and a doctor-killer to boot. Dirty coppers be damned, I will not rest until every last one of those vicious doctors and cruel head shrinks are dead, and once more freedom begins to reign in our land.

Saudi airman may have become radicalized before U.S. Navy base attack

"May have been radicalized."

Them's fightin' words, even according to the Supreme Court.

That kind of language is enough to justify any kind of shooting and start a war.

The mental health bullshit from left simply does not make our country any safer.

Political leftists are experts at making other people angry and causing trouble, which they conveniently blame on conservatives.

And if you thought I was on the wrong side of the law, you would be seriously mistaken.

The FBI crackdown on the dirty doctors helps, of course, and the more brutal and bloody the better, but we need more.

The other angle of civil attack is what the doctors themselves refer to as "insurance billing hell" -- make them dot all their i's and cross all their t's correctly on their billing -- the insurers can help get those medical crooks in trouble with the big law. "Single-payer" socialized medicine is not going to happen in America, ever. We simply cannot let those quacks earn money that easily for the mental torture, mutilation, mayhem and malicious disfigurement they wreak upon our bodies for pecuniary gain, and the lies and disinformation they spread through city hall and mainstream media.

Other angles of attack against those vicious medical thieves are needed. The pharmaceutical drug-makers and retail druggists must be brought under control along with the doctors who prescribe such unnecessary chemicals with their illegible signatures and medieval European Latin abbreviations.

Doctors and pharmacists must also be harshly prosecuted and punished for all the kickbacks and bribes they receive from major druggers for psychoactive, neuroleptic and psychotropic drugs commonly administered on those conditions of involuntary servitude which have come to exist in mental hospitals and psychiatric wards throughout a land that was once upon a time the home of the brave.

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Candyman doctor is running for Congress. Another candyman doctor is on trial.

Democrat dentists and doctors are always complaining about Republicans and other conservatives who "take candy from children."

There's an "old lady" -- heroin[e] -- shut up and stay cool, calm and collective, because the patrons are shooting up in the public restrooms. Otherwise you're having a "mental health crisis" and the drug dealers revoke your gun rights for life without parole.

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