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House of Horrors

The A.K.A. organized crime network

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We constantly hear about one or another Russian organized criminal "братва" or "brotherhood." There is a criminal sisterhood at work as well.

The "Also Known As" initials and the implied "service" to men is predicative of continuing sex slavery of women, college-educated women at that.

Democrat Only. Secret vows to the sisterhood are, by the very nature of such groups, to be taken higher than any vows of marriage to a man that may be permitted.

The sisterhood is highly organized with operatives within USAF and various local civilian police departments as well as civil and criminal court systems.

Russia's Pussy Riot is no doubt involved, too: Man behind Pussy Riot seriously ill & may have been poisoned, say family


Yet another incident of possible poisoning, somewhat like Alexander Litvinenko's case of alleged poisoning by polonium; except nobody outside MI5/6 was allowed access to the said polonium in order to independently verify any official claims as to the precise cause of death, although it is very likely (even so, not 100% certain) that the victim really did die in that incident.

Those sorry girls cut hair on the back of the bus; there's a lady pressing sex charges, and as usual, the men of color are taking the fall and doing the hard time for their crimes.

They don't give a guy permission to pay his fare, board the bus, and get off at his stop without becoming a registered sex offender.

Lunch is catered only in that business district. Don't plan anything important for the afternoon at work, and don't even think about bringing a lunchbox to work. It's as bad as it gets, with continual accusations of lunchbox terrorism and politically targeted DUI stops in evening rush hour traffic.

It's Jeffrey Epstein's crowd of girls, as usual, in bed with NARAL+NACOP Democrats and no morals at all.

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There is a vicious red-light district where the sorority envisions a women-only utopia or commune when all the men have been served their papers and enrolled as registered sex offenders by a fiat police state without the due process of law.

There is a "pink dollar" that finances a "gay" lifestyle of fast cars, loose women, and men without stable homes or jobs.

Children don't stay around long enough to go to school or, when they reach the age of majority, a job.

Abortion, Birth control, and Circumcision are clear signs that parents -- most of them single and female -- never wanted to have children in the first place. They resent taking care of children, and won't let men near their kids under any circumstances.

PIGs = Police In-Groups, very important to the ladies of the city.

Men who are "out" or "outed" as "gay" -- for some alleged slight or refusing to patronize a prostitute -- are arbitrarily banned, evicted, trespassed, denied services, and served with various restraining orders, protective orders, and no-contact orders.

The ideology is rabidly feminist and anti-male, and they are known to treat hostile females as men.

Army shit stinks, and it stinks even more when the wives, sisters, girlfriends, aunts and mothers of servicemen are drafted into such a well-armed and organized resistance with strategic goals inordinately hostile to the U.S. military.

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Back-of-the-bus discrimination. As usual, those who activate the most politically are most responsible for it.

Sexism "concerns/"

>>> Prosecutors: Ex-Marine lied to bypass Trump checkpoint

>>> A search in the FBI crime database then found that Magnan was dishonorably discharged after being court martialed for “serious offenses,” the newspaper reported.

>>> His convictions included abusive sexual conduct, wrongful sexual contact, forcible sodomy and assault.

>>> He is registered as a sex offender.

>>> A lawyer for Magnan wasn’t listed on court documents.

It doesn't sound like the victims were female. It seems doubtful that the Marine Corps would let him out of prison in that case.

"Prosecutors" are cited, along with a "search in the FBI crime database."

"Forcible sodomy" is a little bit queer to charge in court because the truth of the matter is likely as not the other way around, victim versus assailant.

Is it "manly" enough for the Marine Corps for one man to "press charges" like a lady against another man?

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