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House of Horrors

Nordic Jew-banking scandal

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A murdered central banker?

A "central bank" would typically be like the Fed (Federal Reserve System) in the United States, but corporate income taxes are so high in northern Europe, and government control over corporations there is so extensive, that the big banks, like other big corporations in Europe, are essentially government-owned enterprises.

Nominally such corporations are under private ownership, or their shares are traded on the stock exchanges or bourses, but the government ends up taking a majority of corporate net income as taxes, and making most of the decisions on how the corporation is run.

>>> When the world learned that billions in dirty funds had flowed through Danske Bank A/S and Swedbank AB, it proved disastrous for the two lenders. But when SEB AB was accused of similar offenses, people were more forgiving.

S|E|B is a bank. In fact I once had a personal or "private" account there as a foreigner. More or less a typical savings account with a basic ATM card if I recall correctly. Maybe $40 USD or so left in it, no contact with them for years.

There is a "church" to that bank where they confess their sins to "the world" in a certain manner and ask forgiveness, as it were. Where did the money go? The Congregation of the Firstborn is in that bank. De Förstföddas Församling, in Swedish. Christian? Judaeo-Christian? 100% white in any case, but there is a certain use of the term "congregation" and an avoidance of the term "church" (kyrka) in official context: "We're circumcising our kids and we're Jews now, so we got into banking."

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