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Guns are banned, mandatory shots for schoolchildren as usual.

WHO & MSF vaxxers cite "herd immunity" to justify morbidity and mortality due to the shots they administer.

"Vaccine" is a form of the Latin or Italian word "vacca" (cow).

The New World Order government is indeed confiscating guns and imposing mass population control.

Take their guns away & you can treat people as cattle.

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And they arrest people who talk about it. Their excuse is that the truth kills, and lies have to be told in order to control the population.

'An important piece of the puzzle': Scientists discover why gene mutation leads to autism

No. It's not a gene mutation. It's a combination of chemical damage to the brain from vaxxer shots and psychological damage from overly solicitous mothers and female caregivers who constantly molest children and absolutely forbid fathers and men in general from taking on or interfering in any way with a woman's childcare duties.

WHO Calls Measles Outbreaks Cases Across The Globe A ‘Collective Failure’

A failure of the communist collective bargain, that is. Mandatory shots, just like routine circumcision, ritualistic wisdom tooth pulling, and routine tonsillectomies and appendectomies for minor ailments. Injuries, flus or other illnesses, not fatal in and of themselves, provide a convenient cause of death as a perfect cover for premeditated murder by doctors who can covertly medicate to exacerbate any illness to the point of death to extort maximum profit.

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