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House of Horrors

Zip ties on windshields: brotherhood stakes out victims' cars for rape

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The denialism from the mainstream media continues.

Zip-tie rapist escapes prison justice, may have freed child victim

>>> It is especially difficult to keep New Testament beliefs about those who visit evil upon children. They just cry out for the kind of Old Testament punishment that scripture and our constitution forbid.
>>> Gary M.J. “Mikel” Grodin solved that problem. He hanged himself with his bedsheet in his cell at Menard Correctional Center about a month after he started a 56-year sentence for zip-tying the hands of a 10-year-old girl he repeatedly raped and filmed.
>>> Grodin bound the girl’s hands so she couldn’t cover herself as he took nude images of her. Videos show her screaming as Grodin raped her.<<<

There is some religious cultism going on, for sure, and the mainstream media wenches are not coming clean about it.!topic/obsnw/kvX_9MzCfJk Friends of ONW (Google Group) ›

Wiper theft - what's the deal with this?

17 posts by 6 authors // Graham Porter 7/17/15

Hi all,

Wipers gone off the Pajero again this morning.. (2nd time in 2 weeks)
I see a number of threads lower down here about this, but no one seems to be able to pin it?

Gateway crime maybe? Steal wipers, then promoted to steal a battery, then promoted to steal a car?

Economic spares tell me there are like 20 or 30 ppl a day replacing wipers.

Irritating, and expensive.


Hello? Snopes fuckers? Anyone home there?

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