Enneagrams and self-help scams

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>>>... she realized that religion made her feel she had to downplay her own identity as a form of religious devotion. So she stopped. Five years later, she was introduced to a self-improvement practice that would fill that newly created spiritual vacuum — a personality typing system that has become wildly popular among young Christians, called the Enneagram.

"She." Oh. Get off  the property. It's hers. A Satanist. Nine months pregnant. The one and only female on the planet Earth. All others (including her own child) are arbitrarily assigned male so that she can arbitrarily press rape charges against them.

More pseudo-religious hate. Pseudo-scientific psycho-babble. She can go to court and have others committed to the mental hospital to have their gun rights revoke for life without parole. No defense, no recourse is possible under that law.

Satanic Nazi bitches, all of them!

The old Finns considered 9 to be number of deficiency, disease and sickness, as the Finnish word yhdeksän, nine, means "one lacking" in a literal sense, as 10, kymmenen, is considered a number of perfection. In the Wisdom of Solomon, a woman's pregnancy is counted 10 months from the time of her last full period, rather than 9 months from the time of her first missed period at which her pregnancy would commonly be discovered, making 10 months a time of perfection and 9 months a time of imperfection.

The Finns counted the devils in a certain card-playing cant of three syllables per beat, ykkönen, kakkonen, kolmonen, nelonen, viitonen, kuutonen; but the seventh devil seitsemän was considered very sneaky and viciously evil because that devil's name coincides with the cardinal numeral 7 in Finnish.

The numbers 8 and 9, kahdeksan and yhdeksän, are considered "hexes" (as the "d" is scarcely pronounced), and the lack of 2 or the the lack of 1, respectively, from the number of perfection, are seen as severed curses of mortality and morbidity.

The octagon is a sign of celestial cessation, termination and death just short of the enneagram of illness, masturbation, and unnatural disturbance of otherwise healthy processes of the human body.

Seven devils are more than enough already, but those vicious female whelps, self-helpers and thieves that they are, have already died spiritually and eternally by the time they reach nine.

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