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House of Horrors

Mental health isn't health: it's political thoughtcrime enforcement

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Our leaders are deemed "mentally ill" on political grounds, gun rights are revoked for life without parole on unfounded allegations of mental illness, children are molested and abused with coercive mental health treatment, dirty cops stay on the beat, and schoolchildren are vaxxed, given condoms, and tested for HIV+AIDS awareness and other STDs. All in the name of mandatory health care insurance and involuntary mental health treatment.


The concept of "thoughtcrime" is part of George Orwell's "newspeak" from the author of 1984 and Animal Farm.

Which is what we mean when we call something "Orwellian."

Political "thoughtcrime" is being cast as a mental illness by mainstream academia.

Metacognitive Failure as a Feature of Those Holding Radical Beliefs


And they went corporate with "mental health" in the workplace.

Mindset Matters: Winter Is Coming and The Value Of Mental Health Strategies For The Corporate Environment

Let's not fool ourselves here. The article repeatedly stresses a recognition strategy for mental illness at the workplace.

>>> As business leaders look for a competitive advantage in the future of work ...
>>> the value that mental health plays in the day to day operations of the business and how that correlates directly to the bottom line
>>> Where to Begin: C-level executives and senior management ... employees who deal with mental health difficulties
>>> Rather than seeing mental health relegated strictly to the domain of human resources, ERG groups, and other areas of these organizations, it is significant that forward thinking business leaders see the importance of recognizing the need to speak openly about invisible disabilities.
>>> ... to create a brave new world.

Brave New World. Aldous Huxley.

Mental health is an extremely effective corporate blackmail tool for politically progressive (forward thinking) bosses. You are not just fired. You are served with an involuntary commitment, a stay in the local psychiatric ward or state mental hospital hospital, rights revoked for life without parole, and the corporate bosses really, really want to make sure that you are locked out of the workforce for life.

Pop psychology on the "Brain of a Radical"? Is there any doubt where this is going?

>>> Mental Health As Part of Corporate Wellness Programs: ... Employers with mental health benefits are at a significant advantage over those who do not supply such benefits in that they are likely to have lower incidents of job burnout, onsite violence, and workplace injury. ...

Oh. And it's a corporate "benefit" not in the form of cash wages. The agenda of corporate-driven involuntary civil commitment for mental health is extremely slick, and very well concealed:

  • job burnout = firing (Burn, fire, get it?)
  • onsite violence = gun control (That's a mandatory part of mental health since Rosemary's lobotomy, JFK's assassination, and LBJ's treasonous Gun Control Act of 1968)
  • workplace injury = competence to handle machinery (They do not want you to go to work for their competitors when you are fired!)

Mental Health Is A Corporate Risk So Why Aren't Leaders Addressing It?

And you know how much corporations hate risk. No they are not going to rehire you no matter what as long as you live.

The federal government is enforcing mental health:

California has a mandatory mental health reporting unit:

So does Illinois:

Uniform Reporting System for mental health: Selected Content: Demographic characteristics of persons served; persons in community mental health programs, in state psychiatric hospitals, funding sources, homeless persons served. Methodology: The scope of reporting data to the URS includes any part of the mental health system that comes under the auspices of the state mental health agency. Specific guidelines detail how to count people for inclusion in the URS, and report related data.

Minor ethical qualms notwithstanding

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Twitter bots spread white supremacist’s bogus story about Virginia’s proposed assault weapons ban

Says Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is planning to cut off the electricity "so Virginia residents cannot reveal what is happening once gun confiscation begins to take place."

Facebook posts on Monday, December 16th, 2019 in a Facebook post

The mainstream media's conspiracy debunkers rate it "pants on fire" bu they can't debunk it. Gun confiscation has already begun, according to voluminous documentation put out by the Virginia government's own website. The minutes of their own meetings and other gun confiscation garbage they post all over the intarwebs straight from the horse's mouth:

I'm sorry, but that white boy's story is not bogus at all. There is ample proof that Virginia is confiscating guns.

The electric power is unreliable, going out, and there are reports of blackmail, fraud, and other chicanery.

The facts are there to support the conspiracy.

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69-car pile-up? How do you get that that many -- obviously impaired -- idiot drivers on the road at any one given time?

Was the political punch bowl spiked or adulterated?

Article from a shrink:

God-given rational choice and free will. Punishment ... swift, severe, and certain. ... hedonistic calculus and ... greater good theory ... mutilation, branding, stocks, and pillories ... workhouses, exile, and ... prisons, the Social Contract is an implicit agreement ... that gives up some of our civil liberties in exchange for security ... made up of cops, courts, and corrections. Lady Justice is depicted as blindfolded and holding balanced scales. Is justice blind? Are the scales balanced?

Stop right there. Damned Nazi Party shrinks and psychiatrists are cutting hair and putting out eyes. They do not even bother to conceal their horrifically apparent Nazist agenda anymore. We must hunt them down to the ends of the Earth, even as the archangel Rafael pursued that wicked demon Asmodeus to the uttermost parts of Egypt and bound him there, that sight might be restored to the blind.




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Mental health is fashionable among the pop stars...

There's an agenda: Entertainment & media depiction suggestions for portraying behavioral health conditions: Mental illness and substance abuse disorders

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Did Virginia Governor Say He Would Cut Power, ‘Have You Killed’ for Not Turning Over Guns?
Virginia state lawmakers did say they would enforce new laws around gun use.

And another pop culture suicide. A double suicide.

'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' Twin Brother Stars Found Dead in Apparent Joint Suicide

I do not believe in suicide.

The natural law -- luonnollinen laki -- of the old ones has no moral recognition of the condition of a sentient being that would allegedly be willing to die or to terminate its own corporeal existence by its own intent.

Natural law holds that all natural beings, endowed with consciousness or awareness of self, desire to live out their natural lives in all acts and things that pertain to the natural and unalienable joy of life.

Suicide is not a natural act or thing to be recognized "as such" by the natural law.

Natural law holds that such beings were tortured to death by other means or agents or that social conditions and circumstances forced upon them by others made their existence too intolerable to endure upon this earth.

These are not the damned of whom it is sometimes said falsely, that they committed suicide, but rather it is these 

Of whom the world was not worthy: they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth. And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.

Mortal man does attain Paradise by his works or because this or that is what he lived for, stood for, or died for.

Or even Judas Iscariot or Adolf Hitler, who, it is said, hanged themselves. We who are living are not permitted to sit in that judgment seat, to speak such ill of the dead, as it were.

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Another freeway pileup. The drivers must be heavily under the influence of that establishment swill being served by Washington, DC Democrats even under a Republican administration.

What is this? A mass mental health highway pick-up on the orders of that Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee?

I spent half my life on antidepressants. Today, I’m off the medication and feel all right.

This is not happy-happy time. It's time to kick the shit out of those psychiatrists and pharmacists, head-shrinks and pill-pushers.

A strong measure of violence and brutality will be necessary and appropriate.

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On 12/21/2019 at 2:16 PM, House of Horrors said:

Twitter bots spread white supremacist’s bogus story about Virginia’s proposed assault weapons ban

The facts are there to support the conspiracy.


Virginia Governor Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Gun Rights Rally

>>> The FBI has arrested three alleged members of The Base — which authorities describe as a "racially motivated violent extremist group" — on charges that range from illegal transport of a machine gun to harboring aliens, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Maryland.


>>> A law enforcement official tells NPR that the three suspected members of The Base had discussed going to a controversial pro-gun rally in Virginia next week.<<<

Once again, male suspects are arbitrarily arrested and charged according to their respective race. How can the FBI justify charging these guys with "harboring aliens" when the Democrats run sanctuary cities and harbor their aliens in great numbers with total impunity?

Just like the Impeachment of President Donald Trump, these charges are wholly political in nature.

How do the FBI, ATF, and other three-letter agencies continue to justify their open defiance of the Constitution to impose the letter of the law, without the due process of law, of some obscure firearms statute passed by a complicit Democrat Congress under the influence of the foreign and hostile Communist Party Vietcong militia at the time?

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On 3/13/2020 at 8:50 PM, mar said:

Sterilizing depressed men

A good or bad thing?

That's what they did, in fact, to Alan Turing, WWII codebreaker, computer scientist and Allied hero.

Doctors, for all their education, are at times unbelievably, incredibly, criminally stupid.

In their mind, if a man is "depressed" or "down," that's because "he can't get it up" because "he isn't man enough" and therefore in their most esteemed opinion he needs to be physically and/or chemically restrained to protect the poor innocent ladies of the street from him and make sure they remain available for "real men."

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