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House of Horrors

North Korea's "Christmas Gift"

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North Korea is threatening to test a long-range ICBM if the U.S. refuses to lift sanctions.

Mainstream news media are missing the point. Whether North Korea has the missiles -- the ballistic portions or the explosive (nuclear) warheads -- or has both parts assembled, or has tested one or both parts, together or separately, or is otherwise assured of their functionality, is all beside the point.

  1. Disinformation. The truth will not be reported in the mainstream media. Any reported acts of overt military hostility will strengthen Trump politically; mainstream news media do not want that.
  2. EMP (electromagnetic pulses) or other bizarre weapons, including microwave V2K (voice-to-skull) along with acts of mass drugging or MKULTRA mind control.
  3. Deep underground nuclear tests will be reported as earthquakes of natural origin by mainstream scientists who do not want to "give in" to Trump's "agenda."
  4. HAARP (High-Altitude Active Auroral Research Project) will be overtaken by North Korean interests.
  5. EMP weapons may short-circuit the natural Van Allen radiation belts around the Earth and cause the first geomagnetic reversal in 780,000 years. Geomagnetic storms with intense auroral activity may leave the earth unprotected from solar wind, and electronics aboard satellites may be short-circuited and destroyed. GPS, GLONASS, satellite phones and television stations will no longer function.
  6. All available satellite orbits may be filled with "space junk" bringing "space age" civilization as we know it to an end for all time.

What else are we supposed to expect from the rogue Kim regime?

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