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House of Horrors

Democrat Party friendship socialization and commercialization

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These are not true friends.

  1. They've got "friendship bracelets" in the photo.
  2. Forgetting a birthday is a dump-worthy offense.
  3. They binge-drink on Saturday night.
  4. There's a "friend zone" -- a reference to "blue zones" of the world where people seem to live longer

That is a political party. Solid Democrat blue.

That "friend zone" -- it's the labor union.

It's that walking-on-eggshells corporate "hostile environment" where a woman is said to be "striking" in appearance, or a man is said to be "hitting on" her.

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Ascendant Bernie Sanders turns his focus to Joe Biden as Iowa nears

Bernie Sanders is a Socialist. There's something fishy about a progressive, liberal politician said to be "on the ascendancy" -- rising in popularity is one thing, but that is a special code word for extreme left-wing radical Communism.

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They call this "eternal September" and it's January already.

How much is a college education worth? Because we're not talking about saving our souls or investing for the future here.



[Original photo cropped + resized]

It's more than even the deepest "moral" failing that we can contemplate. This stuff is so stupid, I don't know if education can cure it, not with all that Title-IX hats-off doors-open for the ladies on the college campus, and all the rape charges they are constantly filing, the free condoms + STD "testing" from the college health department, the sexual harassment lawsuits, and the whole "hostile work environment" thing.

Young women want to "date" of course, but some their behavior is very unacceptable and it falls unfairly on their boyfriends.

There is an inappropriate emphasis on a "full credit load" of 15 course hours of instruction per week (+45 hours homework) for "traditional full-time students" who enter college straight out of high school.

Drop that full credit load, GET A JOB, and work your way through college if the degree you are going for is still something you want.

How many mothers taking care of babies read hundreds of books for pleasure and to pass the time while watching their babies if they are not studying for college credit?

People need to be realistic. College does not provide defense, food, clothing, or shelter.

Medical care is impossible when so many college-educated nurses and doctors have such an ardent desire to harm and kill, rather than help even their smallest patients.

The stuff of a second civil war.


It's almost a stereotype, but there was a certain female FBI agent who had been stalking me, gossiping with gun dealers and my father who originally had me "put away" to revoke my gun rights for life. I believe that she was armed with a stiletto knife, intent on murdering me in the middle of the night, and that she had some male fall guy or suspect to "take the fall" for the murder. Crooked federal agents have been doing that there.

She is the type who believes that a "transgender" individual is even more dangerous than a "Level III" sex offender, or however they classify their prisoners and subjects, and she believes, along with many law-abiding church-going folk in the area, that it would be to the greater good to eliminate me along with other undesirable individuals.

The Fairbanks Four's Brutal Fight for Freedom

Circuit Court justices hears Fairbanks Four appeal

‘Fairbanks Four’ member arrested for car theft, DUI, threatening Trooper

The cops are washing the titles and falsely reporting cars stolen. Beverages are spiked with alcohol, and armed troopers lack testicles if they feel "threatened" by unarmed subjects.

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The United States' main allies are abandoning Trump over his 'dangerous escalation' with Iran

Oops. I have heard rumors that the world is getting much less white.

The European Anglo-Saxons are not our allies. Neither the German CDU nor the British royalists will be of any aid or comfort to us when push comes to shove in Iran and Iraq.

The British royals were consorting with the Iranian mullahs all this time, while the CDU was circumcising our children in the USA.

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