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House of Horrors

Daniel J. Bernstein, ChaCha20, Salsa20, Poly1305, and ECC

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There is a fraternity problem here.

The math is really, really, really hard, very few people appear to understand it, and they all know each other well.

I don't like that ChaCha, Salsa and Poly business. It sounds like somebody eating chips on a dirty couch in a frat house, dreaming about polyamory. There is a mysterious woman involved, a German professor by the name of Tanja Lange. They have guns, they stay in business no matter what, and they slander the names of their critics from here to kingdom come. Thus no real critical review of any of their ciphers has ever been published in the open literature.

The numerous assembly or machine language implementations of the ciphers is out of place.  Without a discussion of hardware timing dependencies and associated side-channel cryptanalysis, any computer programming of a proposed cryptographic algorithm, beyond a basic reference implementation by the author, is, to be frank, better done by someone else with less of a vested interest.

The inventor needs to focus on a theoretic justification of the algorithm on straight mathematical grounds, NOT on how it might be implemented on a specific machine architecture or model of computing device.

The theoretical discussion and open peer review are sadly lacking, despite the progressive creep of these algorithms into U.S. government standards.

20 = XX in Roman numerals.

>>> Dos Equis (two x) is a Mexican beer made by the Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery. It was originally called “Twentieth Century” (Siglo XX). It was first brewed by Wilhelm Hasse in 1897.<<<

You've got to have plenty of beer with all the chips and salsa at the frat house. Somehow alcohol is substituting for all those women for whom the hats were removed and the doors opened pursuant to Title IX, civil rights and the Selective Service System.

The DNA kits + lowered standards of proof for rape on the college campus. It's a bizarre and exclusive combination of extreme feminist rhetoric and irremediable male stupidity. Very sex-segregated, and no, transgender students are definitely not welcome on the modern college campus.

Even transgender Chelsea Manning needed all those male bodyguards from the Army for protection against all the liberal birthright-entitled female college students. Left-on-left violence perpetrated by women, believe it or not.

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