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House of Horrors

Radical environmentalism is really just hostile foreign mercantilism in disguise

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>>> Poplars genetically modified not to harm air quality grow as well as non-modified trees

>>> A drawback of poplar plantations is that the trees are also a major producer of isoprene, the key component of natural rubber and a pre-pollutant.

>>> Increases in isoprene negatively affect regional air quality and also unbalance the global energy budget by leading to higher levels of atmospheric aerosol production, more ozone in the air and longer methane life. Ozone and methane are greenhouse gases, and ozone is also a respiratory irritant.

>>> Poplar and other trees including oak, eucalyptus and conifers produce isoprene in their leaves in response to climate stress such as high temperatures.

It's that same old incurable stupid low-IQ pseudoscience from the liberal left. Various species of trees produce pitch that sometimes has a pungent odor, and those overeducated idiots complain that it's harming the air quality, despite the fact that the odor is natural and harmless to the ecosystem.

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