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Martin Timothy

The Astrology of Coronavirus - A Hoax From Politicos in Capricorn & Medicos in Pisces

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H-scpe-17-2-2020.png, Feb. 17, 2020.

Planet Saturn at home in its own sign Capricorn where it brings a ruthless power drive and unbridled ambition is Horoscope Ruler for Feb. 17, 2020 .. Neptune and Mercury together in Neptune's own sign Pisces in good aspect with the Saturn / Pluto / Jupiter triple conjunction, empowers the whole thing exponentially.

Neptune is the planet of deception, whereas Mercury is associated with news thru its rulership of Gemini and the 3rd House and health via its dignities in Virgo and the 6th House .. so expect there to be deception in health and news reporting, which ties in with claims CV is a politically motivated and media machinated hoax.

Mars has ingressed into Capricorn where it is very strong and where it will add a dimension of cockiness to the ongoing and extremely powerful Saturn / Pluto / Jupiter situ in that sign, Neptune in close sextile with Jupiter strengthens both planets and adds body to the otherwise vapid Moon placement in Sagittarius.

The bankers are quiet while Venus is in Aries however the Mars ingress into Cap. should liven things up and bring a desire for bolder financial speculation .. the horoscope lacks balance indicated by the untenanted houses opposite the singular Solar placement in Aquarius.

So despite the politicos in Capricorn and the medicos in Pisces have got their bs together their assertions remain unchallenged, with no one [hardly] presenting an alt view.

While Uranus the ruler of the Sun sign Aquarius is in Taurus ppl are more interested in money issues anyway, as well gamblers should be aware that placement can bring sudden and unexpected reversals in fortune.

I do not see any overt health issues while the 6th House and the sign Virgo remain untenanted, indeed the well aspected Mercury / Neptune conjunction in Pisces as well as bringing a degree of foresight, should indicate robust health right across the board considering other very strong placements in the chart.

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I thought i would add Brady Mundane fixed star Parans.
The Coronavirus was first reported on 31st December 2019 regarding new cases in Wahan or Wuchang in China, link below:-
I'm an archaeoastronomer, so sit on the fence regarding astrology reports, but have a number of astrology and astronomy programs, i thought that report below would interest:-

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Astrological Chart CV-19 Lockdown, April 28, 2020 Washington DC

This appears to be a bioweapon that they can deploy. First nursing homes to incite public fear, then a navy carrier, then food production. They will certainly target schools if given the opportunity.


If you have identified an astrological correspondence let's see a chart and a delineation.


Ok we erect a Sunrise Chart for Washington DC 06:00am April 28, 2020 - The first thing we see is all the planets are in the Ascendant side of the chart with an absolute void on the Desc. side, that gives an on / off situation seen as black and white, light and dark or in binary mathematics a 0 / 1 function, it particularly means "get with the strength" you are "for us or against us," there is no middle ground .. and if you choose not to be onside with the prevailing mindset you will be alone in the wilderness.

Planet Saturn left the sign Capricorn where it was ultra powerful and where during its time there a number high powered conjunctions occurred, and ingressed into Aquarius where it is equally strong on March 22, 2020 .. this could mark a shift in accent from the deeply political side of things as per Saturn / Capricorn, to a less well defined approach that will draw on pseudo scientific medical input from pseudo scientific ppl - crook doctors lured into the power clique to enhance their social prestige.

Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius on May 11, so expect a shift in focus at that time while it re enters Capricorn July 2, so expect a resurgence of political newthink at about that time as it retros across old ground, picking up the pace eventually when it goes direct again Sept. 29 and heads back into Aquarius in December .. so we are gonna be in the thrall of that planet and all of the bs and power grabbing that goes with it well into the New Year.

Neither the Sun, Mercury, Uranus triple conjunction in Taurus nor the nearly worn out Pluto / Jupiter conjunction in Cap. can offer much resistance while none are in their "good signs," Mars in Aquarius is similarly there under the terms of Uranus then Saturn and can do little except offer moral support .. Venus in Gemini in mutual reception with Mercury in Taurus presents the other side of the debate and will stick to its guns, Neptune in Pisces holds its own amid all the strife.

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