dyrad advice needed

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One of my friends was a dryad. She can't leave her home area due to being attached to her tree. As a result, she is very protective of her area and envies my ability to move freely. This led to a lot of jealousy and a rather bad break up. I have tried to understand her point of view, but feel like the gulf between us can never be crossed. Does anyone here have a friendship with a dryad and how did they manage it?

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My wife is a Dryad, and let me tell you that the best thing you should do is wait for fall, and pick the apples from her tree!
Then you should turn the apples into juice, and scatter the seeds around the tree in a circle.
Then, repeat the chant three times
Oro spiritibus terrae ut pervagentur haec dryades
Benedicta sit humus a pede suo
Sit baca virgulta
After that, defeat the demons cursing her in hand to hand combat.
Then she will be free to walk the earth!

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