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Mitt Romney's wealth redistribution plan

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Romney proposes giving $1,000 to every American adult as coronavirus response measure

How does this clown think that will help us?

Printing more money does not create the goods we need to buy with the said money.

Printing a bunch of cash and giving it out to everyone like that will only devalue the rest of our money by the amount printed. There is no net benefit.

A very few people are extremely wealthy. The rest of us allow that, because they only get wealthy by trading goods vs. services with the rest of us in away that benefits us with good jobs, homes, etc. which we would not otherwise have.

The extremely wealthy are losing a great deal of their wealth in the stock market of late.

Their wealth is not sufficient or even consequential to that of the 99%.

We have to be enabled, and further enable ourselves, to create the wealth we need to survive and live our lives the way we want to.

Trade and commerce and free markets have to exist for that. We cannot be slaves, beholden to one world multinational corporate "system" as "employees only."

We must be allowed to participate and compete also as individuals and small businesses without "mental health" ordinances and other hindrances, shackles, and fetters that prevent us from bearing arms and participating in capitalist free markets.

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