Joe Imbriano - CV is Hoax, the Shutdown is to Install 5G That Will Make Ppl Sick

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The Great Deception & The Deceivers, Joe Imbriano Mar 24, 2020.

8:03 .. "there has been a plan for quite some time to use millimeter wave weapons systems on human beings, to induce disease symptoms that will be blamed on a pathogen.

12:35 .. "they are going to be broadcasting at the 60 gigahertz frequency which will be the cause of deaths not the virus, what is coming is an electromagnetic attack that has been planned for decades .. broadcasting at frequencies that can hurt the oxygen molecule."

Joe can be a hard row to hoe, despite his CV & 5G files are up to date he peppers his discourses with prayers in the name of Jesus Christ, which to my mind clashes with the "Flat Earth" doctrine he espouses.

Michael Servetus and Giordano Bruno who expanded on their works were burned at the stake in the 16th Century .. the entire Flat Earth project is dumbdown on a massive scale, we say the Calvinists and Inquisitors who burnt Servetus and Bruno were financed by the same Zionist banking cartel that finances the Flat Earth brigade.

NASA / Suomi-NPP Satellite.

As we know the Earth is indeed round..

Despite other trains of thought.

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Joe Imbriano update ..

Secret Weapons Exposed, Hidden Within Arms Reach Aimed at Your Children to Create the Next Pandemic.

This is a quick update to reiterate what is going on with this Coronavirus "pandemic" nonsense, people die every day from flu, cancer, heart disease, sepsis from cirrhosis of the liver, staph infections, brain aneurysms and stroke .. all kinds of underlying conditions. People who are "up there in years" are being poisoned and destroyed by allopathic medicine .. senior citizens are all on some sort of medication the doctors have their clutches and fangs into those retired and vulnerable people.

As a result of this fear porn epidemic which equates to a B Movie production .. is disgusting, cheap and really hard to believe what is happening is real, never the less it is being shoved down our throats. Senior citizens are deeply afraid despite there is nothing to fear from this virus, that there are all kinds of liars and murderers in the medical system and in the media .. ppl are dying they are blaming the CV virus, they are dying from other things.

In Italy the ppl are being murdered in the hospitals .. ppl are being murdered don't go to a hospital unless you really think yr gonna die because there is a good chance you will .. yr body has a tremendous ability to heal itself on its own. This is a lockdown of all critical infrastructure at a time where tech has reached an apex of efficiency and deadliness .. we are at the J curve in this movement to euthanize and kill off humanity with electromagnetic weaponry they have been working on for decades.

Choosing the right frequencies waiting for the right moment to install, hone and calibrate the deployment of the massive secret weapon of wireless communication systems and beamforming tech .. wireless headsets, headphones and CPAP ear, eye and nose pieces.

The wireless stuff stuck on everyone's heads are a target for the beamforming systems of 5G in the millimeter wave systems of YGig and WiFi6.

You will have a ball of millimeter wave oxygen disrupting radiation locked into yr head everywhere you go if you buy into this tech and have any sort of wireless transceiver on yr head or body, don't do it. "They" are setting up a kill grid with this tech while Donald Trump comes out with a stimulus package and poses as "Our Savior" .. DT is in on everything you do not get into the White House by being a bankrupt New York real estate whore, you only get there when you have been hired and paid to do a job.

For the ppl who start wars and like to pervert and corrupt everyone and steal our money and send our kids overseas to die in battles that have nothing to do with our nation .. what is happening right now is a carefully crafted and engineered clandestine plan. We are being castrated .. the wireless communication grid will be used to create disease symptoms that will be blamed on a virus, what is in the news is propaganda most of these deaths being labeled as CV are from other causes, the tests give false positives.

Some with symptoms show no positive reading while asymptomatic ppl are labeled positive, they are very ineffective tests the same as HIV and all other hoax viruses that don't exist. These mean to enslave humanity thru medical charity and mass paranoia thru the psychotronic control of the Satanic media entities that literally cause ppl to lose their minds so you can't think .. that is what "they" want so you will do what yr told.

The weaponized WiFi 6 Gigahertz system they are rolling out in the iodine molecule absorption spectrum goes after iodine molecules in the air .. most of the stuff is already in they just have to activate the frequencies and turn on the antennas.

All these facilities under lockdown with police guards at elementary and public schools, they are gonna flip a switch and the ISP's will provide the new high power new generation access points and routers that have the weaponized frequencies in them, is why ppl are being pushed into upgrading.

Once they have their perfect weapons installed everywhere they will flip a switch and in one fell swoop takeout 100 million ppl out with supposes respiratory ailments induced by the electromagnetic emissions at the 6 & 60 Gh transmission range the oxygen and Iodine molecule absorption spectrum frequencies.

This will induce respiratory distress symptoms that will be blamed on a virus .. a combination of Iodine and Oxygen deficiencies that will bring even the healthy to their knees with asphyxia, then rush to have a vaccine mandated .. this is their plot, their plan to "manage the herd." We cannot let them get away with this we must expose this plan they have been working on for many yrs which is coming to a head, right now they are installing the weaponry on ships, planes, trains, public buildings, schools and right into yr home.

We must expose the CV drama as a hoax .. it is an electromagnetic weapons and infrastructure upgrade under the guise of a pandemic, don't bring them into yr homes or wear these things on yr head and make yourself a target of beamforming waves. Get rid of it all don't take the vaccines and don't believe the liars .. the Devil is a murdering liar so are his followers, the ppl in control hate Jesus Christ and love the devil, that is why yr being fed fear porn, ding-dongs, dioxin, styrofoam cups and microwaves.

The Fullerton Informer warns you of this evil plot to destroy humanity .. the Gh transmissions affect the Oxygen and Iodine molecules .. the 2.4 Gh transmissions interfere with children's future ability to procreate.


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