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Who was this Origen?

Such a strange name, it seems almost unbelievable that such a person could could be so educated and converse with others on such a level of civil discourse.

Ori-gel is a brand name for something that goes in the mouth. We're not sure. This baby may have been born with testicles and the genitals more open like a female rather than closed like a male.

Origen woke up without testicles one day and didn't know what happened: called it an "intemperate act" which is more or less to say, "I was out cold. I can't tell you. I'm not the doctor."

If Origen is said to have "advocated" castration as a general practice, people were making fun of him - if that was "his" true gender.

To say that that a bunch of gang rapists should have their balls cut off is probably neither "immoral" nor to be taken in a literal sense.

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