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From a very rational point of view: the human brain is generally considered the seat of cognition or consciousness.

It is not at all surprising to me that some people in some situations do become conscious of events in another dimension or plane of existence or spiritual realm.

The person in the video appears to have a relatively "clean and sober" demeanor, to speak clearly and calmly. At the same time, (simply because of the prevalence of mind-altering street drugs among the general population,) I would be concerned about any attempts to deliberately induce an "Out of Body Experience" that might possibly involve a psychoactive substance.

The idea of an "astral projection" is peculiar to a culture of French (Frankish) or Gypsy (Romanian) astrology that dates back to the ancient Roman Empire.

Britain is foggy and rainy much of the time, and the English druids (mostly blond, blue-eyed cavemen) never developed so much a culture themselves of observing the stars and planets as did the ancient Romans.

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Astral Projection

Remove the barriers to your subconscious mind. Make sure you have no spiritual binds or attachments that will restrict your mind. You can unlock it through self-hypnosis. Go into a trance, you will time travel and see things you could not see before. Its like a second self. The binah must be learned first to access Chokma or wisdom. It takes time, also spatial awareness and you have to pin the energy at certain thresholds. Like pinging to the tree of life/you have to ascend your body/gnosis through energy work. Clearing the different aspects of your aura, letting the waves of light pull you into a third realm.

The astral world is like a copy of this one--it is hollowed translucent and full of M-/magnetic dark matter. People exist on this plane. Its like inception. A fake and real world at the same time. You need keys to get into certain places. Its a fun place to explore. You can learn life lessons there, go to the moon, discover universal secrets. Cheat codes and lottery tickets for some. But the real place you want to get is Samsarah to beat the destiny challenge and free your soul from the trappings of modern oppressed existence. I have been building it up a bit, adding bits and pieces to the planes/and drawing maps to identify their existence. I am a Manifesting Generator so a lot of it was solely my creation. We needed a second earth and I have been projecting for about 20 years.

Let me know when you've explored some of the dimensions!!

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