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Kabul maternity ward shot up

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>>> Mothers, newborns and nurses are among 16 dead after gunmen stormed a maternity ward in the Afghan capital Tuesday, according to the Ministry of Interior Affairs. Sixteen others were wounded.

>>> The hospital is one of the busiest in Kabul and houses a maternity ward run by Doctors Without Borders.<<<

One man has too many wives and another is invading his harem. And we've got the WHO/MSF (Doctors Without Borders) involved on the extremist side.

Are the damned docs circumcising the Muslim babies? is that required as it is for Jews and Christians?

There is something about how those Muslim extremists separate the men from the women and children that is very, very offensive. The women are "owned" by more politically powerful men, and they are continually and "progressively" pressing politically motivated criminal charges of a sexual nature against presumably less powerful men. VAWA, the rape accusations, restraining orders, protective orders, no-contact orders, anti-harassment orders, and now for the "social distancing" orders for the alleged COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

Afghan President orders resumption of offensive operations against the Taliban in blow to Trump's deal

That is CNN, with the typical pro-extremist elitist position of the MainStream Media to which we are accustomed in the United States.

There is, of course, casus belli for reneging on the "deal," according to the article.

>>> However, in the weeks following the signing of the deal, the Taliban ramped up its attacks on Afghan soldiers and police and the number of civilian deaths attributed to the group also increased, according to the UN.<<<

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