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You need to simply try it go perform LMS

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However, they won't remove their and see that they're a minority. When that's not true in any way, they have the premise that a part OSRS gold of OSRS wants to do PvP. If folks wanted to PvP, they would've PvP with no necessity for upgrades. PvMers and skillers are not ruining the PvP community. Because the community is split on what they each want itself is being ruined by the PvP community. Jagex can not check off all the boxes without having said content being mistreated or pissing off another subsection of this PvP community. The money is the looting of your kill. Any upgrade which generates out of PvP will probably be abused no matter what.

Tribridding is the most enjoyable kind of pvp. You need to simply try it go perform LMS, man and lose for one hour. You'll get far better rapidly.i did, it wasn't fun getting smacked. If you think placing new players in the maximum skill content potential, let's just replace the lumby cows with jad... xzact revealed they can take himbut it was fun.look I believe I ultimately agree with you, LMS isn't an ideal scenario for learning how to pvp in runescape. But it's the best we have available to us right now. There is 0 risk involved, you're given a set up on an even playing field, and even when you're new, sometimes you fight other people that are new/inexperienced also, therefore it's not like you'd only get treated 100% of the time.

But dunno, it simply seems to me that if you are somebody who devotes any sort of significant time to OSRS, the it'd probably be worth it to devote some time and concerted effort getting better at pvp through the avenues available, rather than simply giving up and saying it's too hard. Pvp is one of the very fun and enjoyable sections of OSRS I cannot imagine playing RuneScape without it. And the complete and apparent lack of work jagex put into pvp makes me sad, and makes me fear for RuneScapes future. I think everybody in general underestimates the impact pvp has on RuneScape, and how much worse RuneScape will be overall if pvp didn't exist.

I mean look at the wilderness/free trade's elimination, RuneScape literally died. A massive part of that cheap RuneScape Mobile gold was due to free trade removal, but the wilderness certainly had an effect too. Jagex free trade removal was stated by themselves, the wilderness has been the zone in runescape. I do not think it's a mere coincidence that RuneScape died that jagex eliminated any incentive to go into the most active zone in RuneScape.OSRS should make a classic BH Universe

People are PKers that are better, it's not the equipment that has changed so muchbetter. G Maul existed in that period. So while you are expecting someone in rune is currently going to whip you try and quad spec with DDS, they're actually going to 1 tick double maul you. Players have evolved and grown up along with RuneScape. You're never going to get your noob PKing back. On top of that, the very last thing we need is to additional segment the PKing population.

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