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You've put Madden into was completely your fault

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That is such a disgusting cash grab which I will rant more than a remark might let, although I know there is a megathread. Apologies in advance. Thank you for the effort involved with this YouTube movie roughly Madden Max. I understand you're the messenger in this spot. The video was would Mut 20 coins probably be a terrific idea to do for all promos and fine, informative. What in the actual fuck?! What dumbass up in the tower at Orlando? Let's break down until it lifts off the floor why this whole idea is fucked.

This could be the worst possible time in gambling history to try such a money grab. Everybody's confined to their houses, people are laid off and worried about essentials, etc.. Picture and gaming companies are bending over backwards trying to give content away and improve customer loyalty in the process. Average corporate thinking = something like"Hey, everyone's stuck at home and struggling, let's give them free/cheap stuff and they'll like us when everything goes back to normal!"

You guys do the specific fucking opposite. You decide"Hey, we have run out of shit we could sell everyone a bit early. From what's left in the season how can we extract the maximum amount of cash? I understand! We 'll completely invalidate the teams of everyone and make them purchase the shit to keep playing our game! You did this trick together with +50 power Honors pros the super bowl groups, and +1 OVR men. That was acceptable, because it was early enough to justify investing in Madden still. You need everyone to do so in April?! this season To get a game that ends in 3 weeks Fucking ridiculous.

This season was supposed to be different. This entire"OVR bottleneck" that you've put Madden into was completely your fault, just you need your most loyal customers to pay for it. Remember near the end of last year? You declared OVRs would be reduced, and progression would be slower, to prevent the same mistakes. You sold people"Now and Later" packs, which just had silvers in them to begin the season.

Fast forward to it's the bullshit that is exact same as before, and where we are now. Elites in the first voucher, diamond to buy madden coins cheap at the very first promo, 99s before the New Year, and you've run to market us. You used this downtime to earn some goodwill, and might have taken responsibility for this error. You launch a cash-grabbing pathetic effort to reset Madden, until Madden actually resets this dip. I hope that in a place, you step for the rest of your lives, whenever you put on socks. That is the ideal curse I have that won't get this deleted. RIP this season.

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