Covid19 - Are we being tricked?

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If I ran a dictatorship wanted to create as much destruction as possible I would send out a few different viruses out into a city. Locking off the city from the rest of the country but not to the world. During this time I would ask for stock up on the world's supply of PPE, masks etc. via asking for donations or getting people in other countries to buy it off the shelves and send it through. 

These are the viruses I would let out into a city:

  1. I would create one that is a pneumonia similar SARS but make it less dangerous. I will call this virus SARS-Lite.
  2. I would create one that presents similar to SARS, that is actually a microthrombi issue causing oxygen levels to dip and organs to fail due to damaged blood vessels. I will call this virus Happy Hypoxemia.
  3. I would create one that has the same flu-like symptoms at the beginning of the other two but after a few months of having the virus, it is basically the same as a chemical attack with 100% mortality. I will call this virus Xi Virus.

I would hide the outbreak for a few months, then I would admit there is a virus but it is nothing to worry about. I would send a few people from Wuhan to overseas countries infect them with the less dangerous version of SARS and get them to present to hospital in their respective countries. This would help demonstrate that it isn't anything to really worry about.

Here are some links to the first cases overseas:


I would share the genome with the world (for SARS-lite), so they think that this is the virus we need to create the vaccine for.
(The genome for SARS, MERS etc was never shared with the world)

I would tell other countries that they need to invest in ventilators as this is the only treatment that works. Where really the only people that need them are a really small percentage of people that catch SARS-Lite need them and it kills the people with the Happy Hypoxemia virus. Making countries waste time and money, plus lose lives.

I would make it so if you contracted the Xi virus you wouldn't even test positive for COVID-19, and I would design the virus's destruction to be impossible to pick up on a blood test or scan. There would be many people out there with a deadly virus that isn't even counted in each country tally. These people would start dropping dead as countries re-open. I would disguise this as a second wave.

The people with the Xi virus would be overlooked, as they don't test positive and their symptoms don't escalate until they drop dead in the streets. They would get told 80 days after infection that it's all just anxiety or post-viral fatigue. 

I would keep people focused on working toward a vaccine and not a treatment. The vaccine that would only work for the SARS-Lite virus, not the other two viruses making it a pointless endeavour. People will believe they are immune after they are infected or once they have had the vaccine, but they are wrong. 



Remember this nurse?


Here are some videos to help refresh your memory of what happened in Wuhan:


Are we being tricked? Are we actually testing, tracing and monitoring the wrong virus? Overlooking the people at home who are sick but testing negative.



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Brothels in Switzerland draft roadmap out of lockdown, complete with sex positions that MINIMIZE Covid-19 transmission

>>> Swiss prostitutes determined to return to work after the Covid-19 lockdown have drawn up a reopening plan to maximize social distancing with recommended sex positions, while calling for strict time limits and endless cleaning.

>>> Sex workers’ association ProKoRe released an exhaustive list of hygienic guidelines earlier this month, hoping to secure the Swiss government’s blessing for brothels to reopen when the next round of lockdown measures are rolled back on June 8.<<<

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You don't need to create any virus, there are plenty of viruses that occur naturally. What you do need is an inhumane subculture and there is in the world today. What is more it constitutes around 20% of the world's population. 

So how to create a pandemic?

You need media hype and you need a few initial cases of what is really excessive inflammation or what they are calling ARDS. So how is the ards or sards created? Incredibly enough you only need a concealed threat and an idea of damage. 

Can an idea create problems in the body? There is evidence, which has been put in the trash. In the 1950s through to at least the 1970s chemotherapy drug trials they gave a dummy drug to the placebo group, i.e., a sugar pill. They saw that (from what Dr. Lissa Rankin MD said AND what I myself learnt at university back in the 1980s) on average around 50% of the placebo group on the sugar pill lost their hair and vomited. How could this be? 

All the patients knew that the drug damaged rapidly dividing cells and all wanted to believe that they were taking the real drug. After all they had cancer and were desperate for a solution, a cure. Those in the placebo arm that moved to firmly uphold the idea that they were given the real drug also believed that there was damage to their hair follicles and gut lining. Thus their immune system went into action to clear away the damaged cells. But, their cells were not damaged. So the immune response damaged healthy cells so their hair fell out and they vomited due to damaged gut linings. This information is missing from the net other than a few doctors and scientists speaking up here and there. 

Why wipe this information? Well just think the entire immunosuppressive drug industry would be affected. Anyone with an organ transplant would have to take the drugs but those with an autoimmune disease, which is the bulk of the people taking these drugs would realize that they are being messed with. Reject the ideas and the problem solved!

So getting back to the pandemic and the massive destruction of the world, it's economies, it's people. A massive media hype is enough to scare a lot of people. And to scare them seriously if they got the flu, which is all that coronavirus can do. Once having the flu one of two scenarios can be played out. Either they are bombarded with news media horror stories and "friends and family" (some of them inhumane betraying the rest) telling them how bad it is for them to suffer serious symptoms. But if there is a concerted effort to bombard them with ideas of "you got it, it is doing damage, damage in your lungs and all over your body", then the person's immune system goes on a rampage. So we have the 6% who die of covid 19. And then of course all of these become the next media horror stories. 

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