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PictoFile - Adolf Hitler Was a Jew, Four Sources

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Adolf Hitler a Jew? Czech Town Offered Million Marks for Data.
The house in Braunau-am-Inn, Czechoslovakia where Adolf Hitler was born.

The German Ambassador has offered the sum of one million marks to the little town of Braunau for the community registers which contain the records of the family of Adolf Hitler, the Czechoslovakian press reports. The documents allegedly prove that Hitler’s grandmother originally had been named Esther, but changed her name, after being converted, to Jusepha. They also allegedly reveal that the German Chancellor’s grandfather had been named Abraham.
Adolf Hitler's Family Tree.

The Prager Neue Zeit carries the opinion of a Nazi leader that if Hitler is proven of Jewish origin, he will be removed from the Nazi party. The paper further reports from Berlin that German circles are highly excited in view of the announcement of the Prager Presse, semi-official government organ, that it will soon publish all the documents regarding Hitler’s grandparents.

The Pester Lloyd, Budapest newspaper and one of the foremost German-language dailies on the continent, in an article on the Hitler family tree reveals that Adolf Hitler may be a chip off the old block. Commentators on the findings of the paper attribute Hitler’s impetuous treatment of German Jews to the impulsive nature of his grandfather, which, it is asserted, led to the birth of the famous chancellor’s father under the maiden name of his then unmarried mother.

The article is translated as follows: “The Hitler Family Tree” Austrian newspapers are publishing the following information on Hitler’s ancestors. The family hails from Waltersschlag, and their history extends back to the year 1672. Originally the name was Hiedler and was written from the year 1762 ‘Hitler’. The family moved from Waltersschlag to Spital near Gmuend.
The Hitler family; Klara, Adolf and Alois.

“Hitler’s father studied shoe repairing in Spital. He soon became an official and later rose to a higher official rank. Hitler’s mother also came from Spital and was known by her maiden name, Klara Poelzl. “Adolf Hitler was the third child. He had a brother and a sister older than he and a younger sister who was born in 1897.

“From the family tree one can see the facts which might have led to Hitler’s being known originally as Schicklgruber. Hitler’s father was the product of an illegal union of the grandfather with a maid by the name of Schicklhuber (not Schicklgruber). Shortly after the birth of the child the marriage took place, and the name of the baby was changed to Hitler.”

Jewish Telegraph Agency.

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>>> the new Frau Klara Hitler gave birth to her first child, Gustav. A year later, on 25 September 1886, she gave birth to a daughter, Ida. During the winter of 1887–1888, diphtheria struck the Hitler household, resulting in the deaths of both Gustav (8 December) and Ida (2 January)<<<

Diphtheria "struck" like how German workers go on strike. It was a medical cover-up for infanticide. "Klara" looks like she has very short hair in that photo, tight corset, stiff collar, and a lot of petticoats. Very odd style. Shows off her bosom. Got pregnant and didn't want the kids.

>>>Alois has been described as a hard, unsympathetic, bullying man who had a number of affairs and was not kind to the family.// Paula Hitler, Adolf’s youngest sister, gave a family history to U.S. Military investigators in 1945. She stated that the two oldest siblings died of diphtheria in infancy.<<<

Newlywed couples weren't ready to settle down and have children, so they often committed infanticide and covered it up.

Diphtheria? No. They throttled their own children to death and obtained a fraudulent death certificate to excuse themselves from murder charges.

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From left Alois Schicklgruber-Hitler, his first wife Anna and his second wife Franziska.

Alois Hitler was born June 7, 1837 and died Jan. 3, 1903 he used his mother's name Schicklgruber .. he married Anna Glassl-Hörer in 1873 they divorced in 1880 and had no children. Alois married his second wife Franziska Matzelsberger who died of tuberculosis Aug. 10, 1884 at the age of 23, the couple had two children Alois Jr. and Angela. Alois married his third wife Klara Pölzl 1860 - 1907 who was 23 years younger than him in 1885.
Alois' third wife and the mother of AH Klara Hitler nee Klara Pölzl.

They had six children .. Gustav Hitler was born on May 10 or May 17, 1885, and died of diphtheria on December 8, 1887, Ida Hitler was born on September 23, 1886, and died of diphtheria on January 2, 1888, Otto Hitler died shortly after his birth in 1887, Edmund Hitler was born on March 24, 1894, and died on February 28, 1900. Paula Hitler who had changed her name to Paula Wolff was born Jan. 21 1896, and died June 1, 1960.
Daily Mail.

Adolf H's half brother Alois Hitler Jr., he is not mentioned in Mein Kampf and it is believed the two rarely if ever met.

From left above his half sister Angela Raubel nee Hitler, her daughter Angela Maria “Geli” Raubal with AH with whom she is alleged to have had an affair, bottom Der Führer and Geli taking it easy

:) .
Adolf Hitler's full sister Paula.

Paula Hitler was born in 1896 her and Adolf's father died when she was aged six yrs their mother passed away when she was eleven, Adolf signed his share of the pension allotted the pair to his younger sister since he was by that time supporting himself financially.

Peter Morley’s 1959 interview with Paula Hitler.

Transcript of the interrogation of Adolf Hitler's sister Frau Paula Wolff nee Paula Hitler, Headquarters 101st Airborne Division CIS Detachment APO 472, US Army July 12, 1945.

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