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Martin Timothy

RIP Artist David Dees - Dead From Melanomia May 31, 2020 at Age 62 yrs

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The Art of David Dees.

March 9, 2020 DD announced he had been diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma, and that he would not be seeking conventional medical treatment. LailasNews.

Muppet Wiki.

After a brief run through in art school Dees joined staff at an Atlanta, Georgia graphic studio creating images for magazine and newspaper advertisements. In 1984 he west to Los Angeles and set up a freelance studio specializing in airbrush illustration for the entertainment industry, while developing an arsenal of acrylic air brushing techniques from super realism to wacky high energy cartooning.

For the next 17 years Dees Illustrated video and DVD covers, toy packaging, movie promo store displays, and children's books working for big corporate clients such as Paramount Studios, Warner Bros., Geffen Records, Hanna Barbara and Sesame Street Magazine. In the 1990s, Dees began using computers to produce his art.

Dees originally believed the 9-11 official narrative pushed by commercially controlled media. However he moved his internet based illustration studio to Europe and lived in Sweden for the next 10 years, which gave him some distance on the USA. In 2003, while studying close-up photos of the Pentagon event Dees suddenly woke up to the truth of 9-11.

Up to that point he had been proud to have been an unquestioning patriot, but -- as he wrote on his [{Facebook]] page -- "he now saw the arrogance, the lies, and the murderous criminal facade the American government truly was, the shock triggering a long introspective process of digging for info on the shadowy secret government some call "going down the rabbit hole."

He studied, read, and listened, and soon was armed with a solid understanding of secret societies, Zionist banking criminals, and the New World Order agenda. Dees had changed. Uncharacteristically, he raged and argued to anyone that would listen just how unknowingly controlled and spiritually enslaved we all were. Wiki.

Google Images.

David Dees Meets David Icke.

David Dees was a great man whose highly perceptive art has continued to inspire me since I first encountered it on in 2005, despite Jews Hate Him RIP.

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David Dees was and remains, without question, the most brilliant, revolutionary Political Artist of our times. David redefined the entire genre and created his own unprecedented and singular platform of political expression and social commentary. I cannot imagine anyone capturing or duplicating his overwhelming use of imagery and color to make such enormous, sometimes frightening, often witty and always powerful statements. Many of his images instantly knock the observer into a heightened state of clarity and realization of what is being done to all of us by the deep state and World Matrix of Zionist, communist, socialist globalization. Rense.


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