Paganism/Wicca/Satanism... the "scary" religions

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Very interesting explanations. I always believe that it was the Catholic that classified all other beliefs as heresy or witchcraft. There is nothing Satanic or unholy about Paganism. It simply was an umbrella term for religions that pre-Christian people practised in Europe before the advent of Christianity. It was only during the Inquisition and the ruthless witch hunts in Europe that people had to practise Christianity or risk death and it was during this time that anything un-Christian was deemed unholy as well. 

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It sometimes seems ironic to me that the average christian can seem so closed-minded. There's one god and he created the heavens and earth. The end. Their beliefs won't allow them to think further. I

Ah well then, I'm screwed. I want no part in religion and I pass no judgment on those who do want to believe but that apparently doesn't stop them from wanting me gone. I wonder what makes me such a t

It's not a religion, it's a philosophy. The point is that labels aren't important. They aren't looking to be liked or to get people to follow them. It's just a set of their own beliefs.   The reason w

Did you know the witches cauldron and many of the plants used by witches,

originated in Egypt?


Walking under the ladder also?

The ladder up against a wall planted the pyramid in the minds

of ancient Egyptians and this caused the superstition.


All superstitions come from this land because all royal blood does also.

And with the royal blood came the 'traditional family religion'.


Pharaoh was the first pagan with the first witches and wizards

and standing stones and magic circles.



To conclude my research into the pagan religion, i can

now see why people are schizophrenic today..


I claim - we were all proto-schizophrenic back then.

It followed many generation of pagan indocrination;


Egyptian royal priests infiltrated the brains of our hunter
ancestors. This infiltration arranged a scene for our
ancestors to enter into - who the gods were, who the
demons were, what they did, how to please them.
There was no confusion then, in proto-schizophrenia
due to the terms being defined and most of the population
being proto-schizophrenic.[pagan]

The royal priests encouraged and incited violence
in pagan society [ brave soldiers ], punishments and
rituals [ sacrifice]. These factors determined the severity
of the symptoms, down certain DNA chains.[witches]

This remains a part of all of us today and football / sports

play on this pagan programming.


Christianity is 'sweet face' to paganism. A layer on top.

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