Richard Nixon Parodied in Caricature - He Wanted to Prosecute the JFK Conspiracy

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Richard Nixon and John Dean in the Oval Office of the White House , March 21, 1973.


In 1970 President Richard Nixon brought Justice Dept. lawyer John Dean into the White House to "clean up the mess" of the Watergate burglary of which he knew nothing, Dean's disloyalty toward Nixon identified him as the most vile actor in the entire drama, he was to go thru the available evidence, identify the White House ppl responsible and recommend their sacking thence prosecution.



Instead of doing that he hopped onto the play dumb bandwagon and left Nixon to stew in his own juices .. had John Dean fulfilled his obligation to Richard Nixon the entire JFK assassination conspiracy which Nixon called the "Bay of Pigs," would inevitably have come tumbling down, insofar as lead Watergate burglar E Howard Hunt also took part in the assassination.

It seems very likely RN was "under the gun" of his Chief of Staff HR "Bob" Haldeman, who is alleged to have in company with Watergate conspirator G Gordon Liddy, murdered Police Officer JD Tippit in Dallas at around 1:08 pm Nov. 22, 1963, in a crime blamed on Lee Harvey Oswald.

Despite photographs and film show LHO standing in the doorway of the TSBD when the shots were fired at President Kennedy at 12:30pm the same day, and show him still in the doorway when the Three Tramps were marched by hours later.

NewsDay: History Repeats, Nov. 08, 2019.

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Nixon's Department of Justice had a search warrant for the DNC boiler room, but when agents served the warrant, their back-stabbing comrades back at the FBI pulled the paperwork, and left them high and dry on fake trumped-up burglary charges. That was watergate, and both JFK and LBJ should have been prosecuted for high treason in the Vietnam War, but Lee Harvey Oswald up and shot JFK, and then LBJ railroaded a Democrat gun control bill through Congress, admitting total defeat in the Vietnam War which we could easily have won without Democrat treason.

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On 6/30/2020 at 10:12 AM, F-16 said:

Lee Harvey Oswald up and shot JFK..



Lee Harvey Oswald never shot anyone, we are in the business of hanging every member of the JFK conspiracy, the primary assassins no less than the media lobby and the legions of dogs who perpetuate bs after the fact, so you will be brought into court on the capital charge of being an active member of the post assassination conspiracy, where after it will be up to a jury whether you live or die I for one would want to see you hanged.


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