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  1. 1. Which is your Favourite?

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    • Image Three

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I think number 3 is a pretty good choice though number 2 can be a close alternative. A banner should be like a symbol or at least representative of the main theme. Since conspiracy is the name of the game here, and


since there are so many conspiracy theories about NWO, Illuminati etc etc ... and since there will always be a mastermind or a man behind the iron curtain type of figure behind a NWO or the Illuminati,  number 3 pretty


much nails it. The mysterious, manipulative, all powerful yet never fully reveals himself type of figure behind all great events of the world ... like a man hell bent on world domination all by himself, yes number 3 will be a good


choice. Just sharing my 2 cents. 

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I voted for image 2, since more and more people are being aware that we are heading towards the New World Order, so I think that the skulls and the all seeing eye inside the pyramid symbol will be the most eye catching among the 3 pictures.

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Although I'm new here, I'd like to add my 2 cents to the discussion. I opt for number one, with the shadow people. Conspiracies are all about unknown groups or entities that manipulate and control people and events from the shadows. Number one has figures lurking in the background and you can't really tell if they're people or aliens or what. It's like you can feel them there but you can't see them.

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