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Konstantin Pavlovich Petrov, General Major of the Russian military, social military activist, candidate of technical sciences and chairman of the Conceptual Party: Unity, came across the materials of the Conception of Social Safety, and from 1991, began to spread this information.

In his series of 20 lectures, he covers such topics analyzed in the Conception of Social Safety (CSS) as:

- Global Politics
- The Crowd-"Elite" Structure of Society
- Psyche Types
- God as the Highest Hierarchical All Encompassing
- The Biosphere
- Matrixes and Egregors
- Enslavement of mankind by the
- Global Mafia, using the
- Biblical Matrix.
- Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, Secret Knowledge, The
  Structure of the Universe, REAL History.

And far more.

I will post the lectures here, for the first time translated into English. If anyone is interested in starting a discussion or sharing materials or views, or simply spreading this information, the forum is open.
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