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Martin Timothy

Someone Said Hitler's Father Was a Jew

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Feedback: What about Stalin?Do you believe he was a Jew?


Stalin Was a Tool of Jew Lazar Kaganovich .. Joseph Stalin - actually Dzhugashvili - was half Jewish, according to the Russian researcher Gregory Klimov. The Jew David Weissman claims he was wholly Jewish, Jewish doctor and publicist, Salomon Schulman, admitted in Sweden that Stalin could speak Yiddish and referred to the Yiddish language periodical Di Goldene Kayt as his source.

This was revealed during a meeting between Stalin and the Jewish poets Abraham Sutzkever and Shlomo Mikhoels Commissary for Propaganda, Sutzkever discussed problems of Yiddish culture with which Stalin was familiar, Sutzkever spoke Yiddish and Stalin understood everything but preferred to answer in Russian.

The fact that Stalin understood Yiddish was one of the Soviet Union's most jealously guarded state secrets, Stalin became a fairly obedient tool of the international financial elite.Lazar Kaganovich made sure he followed all important directives. Stalin allowed no anti-Semitism at the beginning. He had an article about the most efficient ways to combat anti-Semitism published in Pravda (No. 41) in February 1929. Juri Lina, Under The Sign of the Scorpion.

Stalin Mugshot @ Tarbaby.

Sever Plocker at YNetNews. Stalin's Jews, We Mustn't Forget That Some of Greatest Murderers of Modern Times Were Jewish.

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